Why It Worked:15th TD of 2015

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  1. Charles Territo says:

    This pass by Tyrod is one reason I think while great accuracy with the long pass his short passes need work. I read somewhere that he was near the bottom in the league in 2 categories. One being his over the middle attempts. The other is his time between the snap and the release of the pass. I think it also corresponds to his inability to read defenses quickly. The over the middle issue can be not of his choice but Roman not calling enough of those type of plays. I think not, I think Tyrod’s heighth has more to do with the lack. Which brings up another thought. Could a deeper drop enable him to see his receivers better? Furthering that, could he also see more of the defensive alignments to read it quicker too? In my eyes those few things fixed would enable him to be as good as he can. Great description of that TD!

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