Different looks and disguises

Here are a couple other “looks” and plays that were executed versus the Pats this year and before…

DE Ayers gets a great rush on Brady as the Pats try running a drive concept. LB walls off the crossing route and it leads to Brady fumbling.


Giants put in 3 defensive lineman, Brady doesn’t know where the 4th guy is rushing from. Gronk whiffs on the spin move by the DB. Game should have ended here…


LDE sets up the tackle with an outside move then cuts inside the block, uses his hands to negate the punch by the tackle as he gets to Brady. The Bills have to align the defensive lineman to get Jerry Hughes and Mario 1 on 1.


Jerry Hughes 1 on 1.


Where is the 4th rusher coming from?

Same play all 22 angle.

Rex and Thurman will mix it up this week with Hybrid players like Lawson.

Exotic look by the Gmen. Hybrid player is #91 Ayers. Is he rushing or dropping??

Get DEs 1 on 1, especially Brady’s backside. Brady rushes him and it causes and INT.


The Bills need to obviouly disguise their coverages and their rushes. But when we rush 4 we must get 1 on 1 rushes for Hughes. He is our best speed rusher and he has strip sacked Brady before. Gameday!!! LETS GO!!!

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