Bills’ Direction

I still like the direction of this team.

I know it isn’t what most fans want to hear but I really do think we are headed in the right direction. Mondays after a Bills loss are brutal. Fans typically call for coaches to be fired, general managers let go and maybe even the mechanic for the Bills team bus to be axed. But for as bad as the Bills have played you have to be happy for many reasons. The future….

I like how the run game looks. Whaley took a big chance trading one of our most beloved players in Kiko Alonso. I wasn’t sold initially but that was just pure emotions and love for what Kiko brought to our defense. You can’t argue the value we got in return for a LB. The Shady for Kiko trade was a win in our favor!

The run game wouldn’t be as dominant if it wasn’t for the Bills hiring of Greg Roman. He has the most diverse and extensive running game in all of the NFL. He game-plans really well and he is a perfect fit for what the Bills want to do overall. He can play the power run game, he can play the finesse game. He has the pressure of scheming a run game that HAS to be successful. The Bills have been pretty bad the line pass blocks and how inexperienced and limited Taylor is. So the run game has to be effective and they have been.

The signing of Tyrod Taylor was a quiet one. A quiet one, but can you imagine if this team was being lead by Ej Manuel? We probably would be vying for a top 5 pick. So give the personnel department and coaches some credit for finding a competent QB. He may not be a franchise QB, but that will be determined over the next year and a half.

Signing free agent Richie Incognito. He is 2nd highest graded guard according to PFF and he has led the charge in the run game. There is no way we are a top 5 rushing team with Miller and Urbik possibly starting at guard. Great signing, and we need to extend him.

I know many of you are crying “fire Rex”, and I have to say that is ridiculous. The fact that we got a big name coach is a wonder all in itself. Big coaches and big players for the most part do not come to Buffalo. Rex has had his ups and downs in his head coaching career but he has a mindset/scheme that can win. It hasn’t gone as planned this year for many reasons but long term, his type of football can win. Why do you think as a fan base we are soooo disappointed on the results this year? It is because he sold us on this team and his scheme and they have let us down. But not just the coaches, the players have as well. If you have watched Rex’ scheme when he was with the Jets you should’ve known that there were going to be growing pains. There’s a disconnect from what worked last year and what makes the scheme work this year. Last year we were a team that relied on the personnel to make plays. We rushed four defensive lineman, got sacks and the high priced defensive line was the headliner. That changed this year with Rex Ryan, we now rely on the scheme to put players in the position to make plays. Think about this…who are the best players on our defense? Darby, Gilmore and Graham…yup, our defensive backs. Why do you think they are playing soo well? The scheme!!! Fans are so focused on the lack of sacks but they forget that our DBs are defending passes well, making tackles and extending drives. There are lapses here and there but the scheme forces offenses to get rid of the ball quickly, which limits how many sacks you get. The scheme puts pressure on the opposing QB and stresses pass protection, so they are throwing the ball quicker, that’s nothing new. So our high priced defenders aren’t getting their stats but our DBs are, that is nothing new to Rex’ scheme. This is the first year of a brand new scheme. A scheme change that is totally the opposite of what we used last year, and Rex doesn’t have the guys to run his scheme, yet. …..But I do believe in this defensive scheme with more athletic players at certain positions.

Finally, ownership…The Pegulas are committed to Buffalo, that is blatantly obvious. They changed the whole mindset once they bought the team. They made some personnel changes; business and on the team side of things. They brought in big name coaches and coordinators. They brought in some top free agents and are committed to bringing a winner to Buffalo.

It will take some time, the right people are in charge, the coaches are in place they aren’t going anywhere. Some minor tweaks are needed but the Bills are headed in the right direction.

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