1st Half Notes

  • Greg Roman is calling one hell of a game. A game-plan for success. Running the ball well. Shady has 11 carries for 72 yds. Tyrod only passed the ball 4 times for 70 yds 2 TDs and 1 rushing TD. He’s pounding the rock and taking his shots deep, vintage Roman game-plan.  Roman has used several new packages against the Texans. He has brought in extra offensive lineman, used the wildcat, utilized jet sweep and fake sweeps, wham blocks on Watt, double and triple teaming Watt as well.  A lot of 21 personnel and it’s having success vs. the Texans base defense. 
  • The defense is still getting gashed. They continue to struggle tackling RBs. Grimes and Polk are aggressive, power runners and the Bills are having trouble bringing them down.  
  • Recently signed Players TJ Barnes and LB Kevin Reddick have played a fair amount of snaps. Reddick has played in base and sub packages. Reddick has 2 total tackles but may have blown his assignment on the Plj receiving TD.   
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