Execution of the Gameplan

Top Of The Line Game-Plan.

Setting the tone

Greg Roman called a beautiful game yesterday to keep the Bills’ playoff hopes alive. Early on the Bills ran to the left, away from Watt from the 12 and 22 personnel packages. The 1st drive really set the tone for what the Bills were going to do to Watt. Traps and Wham blocks were the crux of the game-plan. Cut blocks at Watt made him rush in more of a contained way. Taking the non-stop, attack mode away from him.

1st run of the game. Bills are in 12 personnel, the Bills set the tone by running a Wham block on Watt. Gragg wham blocks Watt and the run lets Shady get inside.


Play 2, our patented pin and pull sweep. The Bills bring Felton in to run the Wham block on Watt. So two plays and two different players wham block Watt low. Watt had to keep his head of a swivel with the trap blocks being executed on him. That stopped the fast flow from him when the Bills ran away from him.


Play 3, the Bills bring in 22 personnel. Notice where Watt is line up. The block wasn’t that effective because of Watt’s long arms but attacking his legs slowed him down enough for Shady to gain 6 yards. Wood pulls and leads off tackle. Glenn executes a nice trap block on the OLB. Felton leads and season ILB Cushing. 1st 3rd down conversion of the day.


7th play of 1st drive. By the time the Bills wanted to pass, Watt was smoked. Even he gets tired after constantly working through double teams, and chasing run plays to the opposite side. Here the Bills are in 11 personnel. Notice where Watt is lined up, the Bills have RG Urbik, RT Mills and Shady come to help give Taylor time to throw this PERFECTLY PLACED ball to Sammy for the TD.


Play-makers making plays

Partner the game-plan with putting the Bills play-makers in situations to make plays and you have a good recipe to win.

Bills are on their second drive. They bring in 11 personnel 2×2 WR set. Clay is in the TE off-line position. They motion Shady wide left and Taylor eyes him down as if they are running a screen to him. Instead they run a TE screen. Clay converts the 3rd down! Roman used the pressure look by the Texans against them. Watt is handled by Richie on this play.


The very next play, watch Watt. He is lined up over Mills. Do you think he’s tired yet? He basically gives up on the chase..


The following play, notice Watt vs. Mills. Watt is exhausted…


The next play, Roman attacks Watt’s pursuit ability with the fake Jet sweep. The Bills are in an unbalanced formation with Glenn to Watts side. Its a 21 personnel wildcat formation. Shady fakes the jet sweep. Watt honors the play and smacks Thigpen.  Shady fakes the sweep and gains 5 on the play. Watch Richie and Clay (top of the screen) double team the DE Crick, POWER!


Taylor capitalized on the very next play-call. The Bills were already into an 8 play 3:58 minute drive.

1st and goal from the Roman dialed up this play. Here is why it why it worked…

Unbalanced line with Glenn on the right. That brings the safety into the box to the twins side. Clay blocks down with Richie on Watt, then gets to second level. Watt is already smoked from chasing on this 8 play drive. Taylor runs the zone read Wrap. The wrap is the FB leading from the weak side. Usually the FB will block the alley defender not the force player (OLB)  Simon is the read. OLB Simon caught in a bind. He hesitates and gives the slightest edge to Taylor. Beautifully designed play and execution.

Take a look at this 3rd and 4 play at the end of the 2nd quarter. Another great design by Roman. The Bills come out in 11 personnel. A 2×2 WR set with Clay in the slot to the top. Texans show double A blitz, but then bail after Mccoy motions out. Roman calls a QB trap play, Center Wood blocks down as guard Incognito traps to the right on the ILB. Taylor drops, then keeps to gain 5 yards to extend the drive. Woods goes on to score the TD on the back-shoulder throw.


3rd quarter

The Texans made some great adjustments at half time. But this play was a good call by Greg Roman.

3rd and 1 a play after Shady left the game on the prior play with a possible concussion. The Bills bring in 12 personnel and run load option. Normally you don’t block the last man on the line of scrimmage, because he is the READ man for the QB. Well on the Load Option you do, and you Option the second level defender. On this play, it’s the CB. The motion by Felton draws the attention of the LBs . The reverse action, or Taylor opening to the weak-side also draws the attention of the LBs. When the ball is snapped the whole defense fast flows to the offenses’ left, Taylor reverses ground and runs load option to the right. Smart play to keep the ball, get the first and extend the drive.


4th quarter

The Bills are behind in down and distance because of a holding call. So Roman calls a good play to get the yardage back. Bills are in 11 personnel, notice Watt. Wood and Urbik double team Watt. Roman even kept Shady in to block. Sammy clears the zone and Hogan finds a nice hole in the zone defense to help get the Bills back on schedule.


The very next play on 2nd and 8, Roman calls a trap play at Watt. Urbik traps and kicks out Watt. Shady presses the hole, and then cuts it back against the grain for a huge gain.


Here is the game-winner. The Bills brought in 22 personnel and run a play-action verts concept. 2nd down with 2 minutes left, you would think run. Mills and Urbik double team Watt. Watkins and Mulligan run deep verts. The safety jumps the route by Mulligan. Clay delays then releases and runs a skinny post. This route combination is a good cover 3 beater. Roman used his personnel brilliantly in this game.


I said that Roman’s game-plan would have to be special. Roman pulled out all of the stops. He used trap plays, wham blocks, load option along with many other complicated run and pass plays. The diversity in his play-calls kept defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel and most importantly JJ Watt off-balanced. That was a fantastic game-plan and the Bills players executed!

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