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What is he worth?

Today Michael Ginnitti and Spotrac published a fantastic article about Tyrod Taylor. In the piece, they compared Tyrod Taylor’s statistical numbers to similar players that received contracts at his age. It is a little premature seeing as how this is Taylors first year as as starter, but 5th year as a player, nonetheless it is interesting to see his stats up against some of the best in the league.

At this point in his career he has better averages in passing yds/game, passing TDs, completion percentage and rushing attempts than Russell Wilson and Cam Newton. Two very good quarterbacks in their own right.

Ginnitti also compared the age-26, of the quarterbacks when they signed their second contract. This is where it is going to get interesting. Cam Newton and Russell Wilson average over 20 million a year! That is not a contract the Bills want to dish out, to a player that hasn’t started a full season yet. But will they have to? This franchise has been looking for a franchise QB since the K-gun was utilized at Rich Stadium on a weekly basis. Whaley and the Bills more than likely won’t pay Taylor that much this soon the sample size is so little.

The organization is definitely impressed with Taylor’s play, attitude and more importantly leadership on and off the field. He is the perfect QB for Greg Roman’s system. Roman loves utilizing his QB in the run game, not just as a runner but as a possible threat to run. The threat of him running gives the offensive line a numbers advantage at the point of attack. Allowing Roman to run the ball very competently, then take his shots deep when the time is right.

Taylor is also a threat in the pass game, there’s no doubt about that! As the articles points out, Taylor is a top ten QB right now! According to PFF, Taylor is the 6th highest rated QB at 95.61. Who is in front of him? Palmer, Wilson, Brady, Roethlisberger and Dalton. Taylor has 17 TDs and only 4 INTs, his interception total is 2nd best in the league..What sets him apart is his accuracy on the deep ball.

Taylor has the 5th best accuracy completion percentage (49%) on passes over 20 yds or more. He is tied for the most amount of TDs in the league on those deep passes with 9 TDs of over 20 yds or more. Who is he tied with? Palmer, Dalton and Russell Wilson.

Taylor has shown he can do it with his arm and his legs, making him a perfect for this Greg Roman led offense, and more importantly the Bills franchise. So how much is he worth? When do they pay him? That will be discussed from today into the offseason…..

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4 comments on Taylor’s Value

  1. Amanda Schmidt says:

    The Pegulas need to make sure he’s here to stay. He’s "Our guy"!

    1. Erik Turner says:

      I can’t disagree with you there! They need to extend him for a couple years.

  2. Leroy jones says:

    T- Mobile. I fn love this guy

  3. Erik Turner says:

    You’re not the only one!!!!

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