A Shift in Salary and Philosophy

A Salary Re-distribution is coming this offseason.

The Bills have a big offseason ahead. Two big name players are due to receive an increase in salary in 2016. Cordy Glenn and Richie Incognito. Whaley proclaimed that these two are top priorities after the season. But where will the money to pay them come from? The Bills are already cash strapped for next season.

The Bills are currently projected to be over the cap next season but that doesn’t include the salary cap increasing approximately $10 million and the increase in the cap due to the TV revenue money coming in. Regardless of the increase you can see that the Bills will be paying some high salaries during the 2016 league year….Are these players worth it? Is Mario worth the near $20 million dollar hit (13% of the Bills entire cap) next year? Mario will be 31 next year. Is Kyle Williams, 33 next year, worth $8 million a year?

In my opinion, Mario is gone. Kyle will need to re-negotiate. That money can be used to address Glenn’s contract and a short term contract for Incognito. Tyrod may need to taken care of too.

Once Whaley hired Rex Ryan, he was obviously thinking about the future. I think he saw a change coming in 2016. Whaley knew that most of Mario’s money will already have been paid by 2016 and Kyle Williams is on the downside of his career. He imagined that those players might need to re-negotiate or be let go.

Both Mario and Kyle spoke out this season about their unhappiness in this scheme and that was noted by Whaley. Rightfully so, fans and players have had a hard time adjusting to Rex’ scheme as well. It is a scheme that is the complete opposite of Schwartz’.

Schwartz’ scheme was phenomenal in its own right. It relied on the players’ individual talent to make plays. Schwartz didn’t have to blitz a lot, he relied on the cold front to create pressure and they did it well. Rex Ryan’s scheme is different. The scheme creates the plays; it dictates the tempo of the offense, it makes play-makers out of the secondary. Rex doesn’t necessarily blitz a whole lot, but he creates confusion on where the rushers are coming from. So in theory, this scheme doesn’t need high priced play-makers. Don’t get me wrong he needs talent to carry out the scheme but he doesn’t need a special defensive end that is paid to a tune of $20 million.

Whaley knew that the play-makers on defense were aging and that some money would have to be re-allocated in 2016 and even 2017. So Whaley needed a coach that had prior experience and one that had a defensive scheme that was effective in this league.

Enter Rex Ryan…Hasn’t quite worked out as well as we had thought. But give it time, the defensive philosophy is in transition. The salary distribution is in transition. The whole franchise is in transition. A commitment to winning long term is in effect, the Bills are making the moves to do that. Things are on the up and up, just a few minor tweaks are needed…

With all of that said, this roster is Whaley’s, and it is currently in the middle of the play-off race..For the record, I think Whaley will be back…..


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4 comments on A Shift in Salary and Philosophy

  1. Matt says:

    I’m a Bills fan, but to a huge 3-4H scheme fan, nor a RR fan! IF this team had a Roman led offense and a Schartz led defense it would be 8-4+ and cursing towards the playoffs! But hey, let’s change the scheme and half the players to stay 8-8 for eternity, it’s cool, the fans :/ don’t know the buiz!!

    1. Matt says:

      not a huge

  2. Erik Turner says:

    I understand your frustrated. I am too. We were sold an all time defense and they have sputtered. A shift to a 3-4 isn’t that big a deal, bc we play a lot of it already. The players that will be brought in aren’t just 3-4 personnel. They will be hybrid players. The players mentioned in this article don’t fit the scheme, aging and are just way too expensive. The money has to be used on younger, scheme fit, cap friendly FAs and draft picks. We play both the 4-3 and the 3-4 so I wouldn’t worry too much.

    1. Erik Turner says:


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