Glenn a Priority, At What Cost?

Glenn’s new contract will be a hefty one.

General Manager Doug Whaley appeared on WGR radio in Buffalo this week and he stated that starting lineman Richie Incognito and Cordy Glenn are priorities this off-season. Both of these players’ contracts are up at the end of the season and it is going to cost the Bills a boat load of cash to re-sign them. Specifically, Cordy Glenn. The 26 year year old starting left tackle.

Glenn was a 2nd round draft pick back in 2012. The Bills selected him in the 9th slot and he immediately was inked into the lineup. Glenn is 6’5″ 345 pounds, has a 35 3/4″ reach and 10″ 1/8 size hands! He has been a stalwart in Buffalo since they drafted him. He has only missed seven games his whole career. He is big, athletic, has good feet to mirror defenders. There is no doubt that he is a top ten tackle in the league, especially at his age. So what is it going to cost to re-sign him?

Here are the top 7 paid starting left tackles in the league according to

  • Tyron Smith-Age 24-$97 Mill-$22 Mill G’nteed
  • Joe Thomas Age 31-$80 Mill-$28 Mill G’nteed
  • Trent Williams Age 27-$68 Mill-$41 Mill G’nteed
  • D’Brickshaw Ferguson Age 31-$60 Mill-$38 Mill G’nteed
  • Duane Brown Age 30-$53 Mill-$22 Mill G’nteed
  • Ryan Clady- Age 29– $52 Mill-$15 Mill G’nteed
  • Russell Okung- Age 28– $48 Mill- $29 Mill G’nteed

So where does Glenn fall on this list? He definitely is worthy of being on it. He is only 26 years old. The most recent contract signed is by #3 on the list Trent Williams. He signed his new contract this year. The second most recent signing was by Colts left tackle Anthony Costanzo (Age 27). He signed a 4 year contract worth $43 million and $35 million guaranteed! Nate Solder (Age 27) also signed a new contract this year. The left tackle from New England signed a 2 year contract that averages over $10 million a year, with $19 guaranteed.

Glenn is going to command a similar contract to Costanzos. I think Cordy is a better player than Costanzo. Costanzo averages $11 million a year where as Trent Williams averages over $13 million over a year. Glenn falls some where in between those two players in my opinion.

As you can see, there are some major changes coming this off-season. PFF has Glenn rated the #2 best upcoming free agent. If the Bills and Glenn can come to an agreement, alot of money will be allocated to the offensive line. The Bills need to redistribute some of their salary towards the offense by re-signing these two.

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