Revis vs Gilmore Advanced Stats

One corner has cashed in several times another is looking to cash in soon…..

Here are their stats from 2015 courtesy of Pro Football Focus




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3 comments on Revis vs Gilmore Advanced Stats

  1. eric rapp says:

    Could you extrapolate what the Revis vs Gilmore stats mean ?
    Seems like Gilmore is not in the same room as Darrelle.

    1. Erik Turner says:

      I was adding to a convo that I saw on Twitter. Jets fans saying revis is a shutdown corner still. But bills fans saying he isn’t and that Gilmore was. That’s all.

      1. eric rapp says:

        I missed that !
        Revis played with a hand injury , it was later reported.
        I consider time targeted a nice metric for how much OC respect a corner. But with Darby playing strong mush of these stats are so subjective.
        PBU are a nice addition to targets. So much to consider evaluating a CB post season.
        Watching them play is the best way to get a handle i suppose.
        : )

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