Cover 1 | Film Room: Buffalo Bills Run Game Pt. 2

Part 2: Greg Roman has his roots in the gap scheme and he implemented every form of gap run in Buffalo in 2015. Get to know the Power, Counter Trey, Trap, and Wham.

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4 comments on Cover 1 | Film Room: Buffalo Bills Run Game Pt. 2

  1. eric rapp says:

    second segment reviewing Roman’s run game.
    Compliments to your awesome breakdown. Now i see why Richie went to the Pro Bowl !
    Enjoyed this highlight film. Sometimes o forget Bills did some things very well last year. Roman is quite a boon to the Bills
    Thanks again Erik !

    1. Erik Turner says:

      Thanks! Yeah wait til u see how important he was in the last segment! Amazing.

      1. eric rapp says:

        Well I certainly am looking forward to the next segment. Sure get a kick from the details. O line movement happens so quickly in real time, the only way for me to get the intention and then the details is from great review from your X’s and O’s.
        Glad to have subscribed !

        1. Erik Turner says:

          Well u know I appreciate it

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