Bills Sign Brandon Deaderick

The Bills knew that Marcel Dareus aka Mr. Big Stuff was going to be suspended for an extended amount of time, so they signed his former college teammate Brandon Deaderick. Deaderick was drafted in the 7th round of the 2010 draft by the New England Patriots.

Measureables courtesy of

Measureables courtesy of

The former Tide player was making his rounds this offseason working out for the Texans and Jets but left their facilities without a deal. He did not participate in any regular season games last season but did get some snaps in two preseason games with the Houston Texans. So what will he bring to the Bills defense?

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Deaderick isn’t a stranger to the defensive scheme that the Bills employ, he played in it under Rob Ryan.

“The stuff he draws up looks pretty fun” -Brandon Deaderick on Rob Ryan’s defense

While in New Orleans in 2014, he played 344 snaps; 139 on run downs and 205 versus the pass according to Pro Football focus. In Rob Ryan’s defense, he compiled 2 QB hits, 8 QB hurries, 5 tackles and 4 stops. PFF graded him as a -15.5 for the season overall, -8.7 vs. the Pass and -8 vs. the run. So you can see why he was merely a rotational player.

Courtesy of NFL Gamepass

Courtesy of NFL Gamepass

The 6’4″, 305-pound defensive end/defensive tackle does have some strengths that should help the Bills defense while Marcel is sitting at home.

Rob Ryan used Deaderick primarily on passing downs. From the film that I viewed from 2014, Brandon was typically aligned as a three-technique or 4i defensive tackle. A position that is usually occupied by the defensive tackle that can rush the passer. He is not a player that is going to get pressure by stacking pass rush moves on top of each other.

His best pass rush move is the bull rush, which is valuable in the NFL. Having a player in the rotation that can push the pocket into the QB’s face is an asset on any level. Check out how Deaderick gets Iupati, one of the bigger, stronger guards in the league “skating” backward.


His initial punch can be seen on this play. Deaderick is heads up on the guard and as the ball is snapped his initial punch creates enough separation to rush inside causing Mccown to move in the pocket leading to the sack.


Versus the Panthers he executes his run assignment and makes the tackle after a 7 yard gain.


Knowing the defensive scheme will help him adjust quite quickly. On this play, he is aligned as the 3 technique defensive end in a 3-4 look. He stacks the guard, sheds and makes the tackle on the back. Very nice technique displayed by the vet.


He relies on the scheme and his power to push the pocket. Like on this play, the Saints are in an odd front and the overload blitz off the left side creates a lane for Deaderick.


On this  play, the Saints bring a 6 man pressure and Deaderick is aligned outside the left guard. On the snap, he crosses Iupati’s face into the A gap and creates havoc for the center leading to one of his 8 QB hits in 2014.


With camp underway, Doug Whaley and the Bills are smart for bringing in a guy that is familiar with the defense. But do I think he will make a big difference on defense? No, he will be a situational pass rusher at best.  He didn’t make much difference in this scheme versus the run, PFF graded him 3.1% in run stop percentage. According to Pro Football Focus, Deaderick was used on 59.6% of the pass snaps while in New Orleans so you can expect the Ryan brothers to utilize him in the same capacity in Buffalo, that is if he can make the roster….



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