Episode #29 Locked On Announcement, Boldin, Taylor


On this weeks episode Erik Turner, Nate Geary and Kevin Massare discuss the following:

Locked on Announcement

Podcast changing to Locked On Bills Presented by Cover 1

The podcast undergoing a slight format change

3x a week

Monday game recap/reactions/emotions

Wednesday Surface analysis of matchup, records, rankings

Thursday Film day/matchup to watch


Boldin signed

1 yr Deal is worth $2.75 million with a chance to make another $1.25 million. Boldin agreed to the terms last week, backed out and agreed again Monday, per Schefter.

Tyrod Taylor

Dennison: Believes anticipatory thrower can be developed. Not something a QB has or not.

Dennison-Distribution, when his feet tell him to move on he’s got to move on. He can’t wait for a route to open up. If it’s not getting there, something is wrong, so he’s got to move on.”

Where to find the podcast from here on out

iTunes Locked on Bills: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/locked-on-bills/id1145479962?mt=2





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