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Erik Turner

Erik is an avid football junkie who played the game his whole life. He played running back and corner at Canisius High School in Buffalo, NY then went on to play in college at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY. After college, Erik entered the United States Border Patrol where his career took him along the southern border. His coaching career began while in Southern California. He transferred to upstate New York in 2009. He became the offensive coordinator at a local high school in 2010 where he coached for three years. Erik began Cover 1 as an outlet to continue learning and pass on knowledge about the sport. He is still stationed in upstate New York where he works as a Canine Border Patrol Agent. Erik is currently a student at The Scouting Academy.



Kevin Massare

Kevin has been a Buffalo Bills enthusiast since the early days of the internet. As an avid poster on many websites and message boards, he likes nothing more than to post about playoff scenarios and optimistic storylines. Having a chance to spread the Buffalo Bills culture is one of Kevin’s biggest pastimes, including converting many over to the Bills fandom.

As a University at Buffalo alum, Kevin has made Buffalo his home and is a Bills season ticket holder. Being able to talk and cover the Bills is Kevin’s biggest passion. He loves to disagree with Rob over Bills opinions.


Cameron Edsall

Cameron is an extreme football devotee who has followed the sport his entire life. A constant follower of anything football related, he spends his free time analyzing every aspect of the game, with his main interests lying in the NFL Draft and Front-Office related issues. He loves to take aspects and studies of other things and tie it back to the game. One of his main interests is how economics and football go hand-in-hand. Cameron has been a Bills fan his entire life, with his father being born and raised in Western NY. He is currently studying Political Science (Government)/Pre-Law at Campbell University with a minor in Business Administration. He plans to possibly attend law school in the future and study logistics/contract law.


Vance Reeds


“I’m a Buffalo native who graduated with a B.S. from Canisius College and a M.A. from Arizona State University. I have done research on beluga whales, killer whales, and baboons, and I have written and edited content in health, genetics, and pro football. I’m proud and ashamed to say that the only Bills jersey I’ve ever owned was an Aaron Maybin jersey.”


Aaron Quinn

“A passionate life long Bills fan who grew up in the heart of New England. Fulfilled his dream of living in Buffalo in 2012. Season ticket holder and tirelessly optimistic fan.”


Looking for a Bills podcast? Be sure to subscribe and listen to the guys at Numb Bills Fan Podcast.



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