All 22 Breakdowns

All 22 Breakdowns

Flex On ‘Em – Week 9

It’s still BYEWEEK SZN – a critical time for average and below-average teams to sneak up on an unsuspecting juggernaut team weakened by a star

Bills vs. Raiders Highlights

The Buffalo Bills are 5-2, enjoy it.   Any issues viewing, open in YouTube.     Want more in-depth NFL and Draft analysis? Subscribe to our premium

Linebacker Matt Milano adds the versatility that the Bills defense needs

Rookie linebacker Matt Milano, while green, offers the most athleticism of all of the linebackers on the Buffalo Bills roster. When given the opportunity to see the field, he consistently put himself around the ball. Milano is that quick twitch athlete that defensive coordinators want on the field at all times to defend the modern day passing game. Buffalo has struggled when opposing teams attack with 3×1 or 3×2 empty set formations. In these situatons,

The defense was on the right track, but still no match for Tom Brady and the Patriots

At the beginning of the season you probably looked at the schedule, saw the December 3rd matchup against the Patriots, and chalked it up as a loss. Who could blame you? Tom Brady and the Patriots have completely dominated the matchup so often that you really can’t call them a divisional rival. But for most of the first half, the defense really held up their end of the bargain when it came to slowing Brady

Inside the Playbook | Inverted Veer – Power Read Concept

When you analyze the Bills’ offense, it isn’t difficult to see that they have struggled the entire season. There is no consistency in the running game or the passing game. In years past at least they could hang their hat on the running game, but that identity is long gone. The staff has been unable to scheme any type of explosive plays, something that the Bills have thrived on the last couple of seasons. While it

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Two high-end defensive prospects mocked to the Bills

  It’s that time of year where NFL Mock Drafts start to roll out. Obviously, a lot can change over the next few months, but mock drafts can be fun to discuss. The Bills have a ton of needs, but in ESPN Insider Todd McShay’s first mock draft he had

NFL Draft

Tight Ends that Fit the Bills’ Archetype

The Need: Tight Ends are supposed to play a large part in OC Rick Dennison’s offense, especially in zone-run blocking and in the quick-strike passing game. When in “12” personnel, the scheme requires at least one TE to secure the catch, turn upfield, and gain plenty of Yards After the Catch (YAC). Both

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