Cover 1 | Film Room: Eric Striker’s Role

Eric Striker is the kind of kid that coaches love. He doesn’t need a coach to push him or to motivate him. Striker plays with a major chip on his shoulder. That’s why it was no surprise when reports came out that he was flashing his play-making abilities at OTAs. According to Joe Buscaglia, Striker made some flash plays from the inside linebacker position.

Before checking out the Xs and Os below, get to know the Bills new dark horse.

Click here to read his Player’s Tribune Piece.



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4 comments on Cover 1 | Film Room: Eric Striker’s Role

  1. eric rapp says:

    Enthusiastic evaluation ! I am good with that .
    I honestly think this Kid is a great fit in Buffalo under The Ryanses.

    Another rook to root for !
    Poor Cyrus : (

    Thanks again for another fun highlight reel and some detailed perspective breaking down plays.

    1. Erik Turner says:

      No problem bud. It’ll be an uphill battle but how can u not root for him?

      1. eric rapp says:

        Exactly. That is were the spirit of Football should be still.
        Hoping for all these rookies to get a chance to realize their dream.

        Thanks again Erik

  2. eric rapp says:

    I wonder who Ryan takes off the field to bring Striker in ?
    Thoughts on some personnel in package plays?

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