Cover 1 | Film Room: Shaq Lawson

The selection of Shaq Lawson shows that the Bills are indeed transitioning to a 3-4 defense. He fits the profile of some very good players scouted by Doug Whaley and  players that have played in Rex Ryan’s scheme.


I present clips of those players that Doug Whaley scouted in Pittsburgh (Lamar Woodley 6’2″, 256 pounds, James Harrison 6′, 270 pounds). We all know that Doug is known for scouting and drafting some really good linebacker talent, so Lawson fits the bill. Rex has had his fair share of edge talent in his day. In Baltimore he had Adalius Thomas 6’3″, 270 pounds, and Terrell Suggs 6’3″, 265 pounds, just to name a few.

Also examined is how the selection of Lawson sets up for the Bills to select one of the very talented defensive tackles still on the board tonight. Defensive tackles Jarran Reed, A’shawn Robinson and Chris Jones are all fits in the Bills defense. Some have these guys graded as first round prospects, will the Bills pull the trigger?


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