Day 2 Linebacker Targets

Day Two Linebackers


Josh Perry-LB-Ohio State

Perry is a physical specimen and would fit perfectly in the Bills defense.

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Perry made his fair share of plays on the ball carrier, that can be seen in his tackle numbers. But where were those tackles made? According to Real Football Network, Perry made 40% of his tackles from behind the line of scrimmage to 2 yards, 37% of his tackles from the 3-7 yard box and 23% of his tackles were made at 8 yards or more. So he is a player that has the range to make tackles all over the field. The linebacker at times is tough to block at the second level. Offensive lineman have a tough time scooping or cutting him of because his speed and length.

His length can be an asset if he uses it correctly. But as of now it seems he only uses it when chasing sideline to sideline. The Bills need a big inside linebacker that fills with conviction.


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Su’a Cravens-Safety/LB-USC

Reggie Ragland-LB-Alabama

Reggie stands at 6’2″ 254lbs and runs a 40 yard dash in 4.7s. His teammates call him the “General of Alabama” which is a testament to the type of player he is within the NCAA’s top defense.

Ragland put together a fine 2014 campaign with 93 tackles. Reggie could’ve entered the draft in 2014, but decided to stay to get his degree. He wanted to be able to hand his degree to his mother and help his team win a National Championship. When you read about this guy he seems like a person with high character. When discussing about his decision to return to Alabama in 2015 he told the Tuscaloosa News :

I have individual accolades, that’s fine, but I am all about the team. Together we achieve more, so that’s what I am focused on.”

It was a great decision for Reggie to stay. He got an extra year of coaching from a top notch staff and he was able to improve his game. He performed in 2015 when all eyes were on him. He had another consistent season ending with 97 tackles and 2.5 sacks. Reggie Ragland will be a solid player in the NFL for some years, take a look.

He is a phenomenal run stuffer. Ragland reads his keys well and works his way through the gap. He gets skinny and doesn’t allow the lineman to seal him off. The fact that he has played in a similar system to what rex Ryan employs is a plus. Alabama defense uses a 2 gap system. He is capable of reading through the defensive line to his offensive keys.

Takes his read step, avoids the cut block and delivers a knockout shot.


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De’vondre Campbell

Campbell is an outside linebacker that has some unique measureables. He played in 39 games and finished his career with 206 total tackles, 6.5 sacks, 16.0 tackles for loss. His game probably translates best as an outside linebacker more specifically the SAM position. His height isn’t typical of an inside linebacker but if he were to learn to use his hands and length better he may be a good prospect the Bills could develop as an inside backer over the next year.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Either way his physical attributes will be loved by many coaches. He is very twitchy and can cover a lot of ground to get to his landmark in his zone.


He offers some ability to rush the passer.


Check out his highlights courtesy of the Minnesota Gophers:


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