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It’s not quite news and it’s not surprising given the Bills salary cap situation that Wide receiver Jeremy Kerley was brought in for a visit. Yes, another Jet but given the type of receiver Kerley is, I don’t have a problem with it. Ask yourself, what part of the field does Tyrod need to improve?

Although Jeremy Kerley is only 5’8, 188 pounds the guy is a middle of the field receiver. In 2015 he only played in 234 snaps, he was targeted 26 times and reeled in 16 catches for 152 yards and two touchdowns. Nothing to write home about. But where was he targeted on the field?

Of his 26 targets, 13 of them were over the middle for 113 yards.

Flash back to 2014, he was targeted 64 times and caught 38 balls for 409 yards and one TD (PFF). Guess where the majority of his catches were? Yup, middle of the field. He was targeted over the middle 37 times and caught 22 passes for 277 yards and one TD.

His other years weren’t any different, take a look:

Per Pro Football Focus.

Per Pro Football Focus.

These numbers show me that he is a wide receiver that can be used between the numbers.

I wouldn’t mind bringing him in to work the middle of the field as a slot wide receiver who runs option routes. The Bills could also split him out because he has the quickness to run crossing routes away from defenders.

I don’t care what team you played for before, if you can improve the Bills I am all for bringing the guy in. Kerley is a great WR for three step passes, option routes and even deep balls. If the price is right, the Bills should sign him. He can be a returner but most of all he would improve the offensive attack and may even help Tyrod develop.

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