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The Bills were in the news again today and what do you know, it had to do with Mario Williams and Rex Ryan’s defense. Rex Ryan was in front of the microphone today at the NFL combine in Indianapolis, and the topic of conversation was his defense. He seemed to be sick of talking about it:

We were terrible, and I can’t coach defense anymore for some reason.” -Rex Ryan

The defensive questions weren’t that much of a surprise because the Bills are looking long and hard at upgrading a defensive unit that struggled in 2015. But I have a feeling that Rex didn’t expect to answer specific questions in regards to Mario Williams.

Earlier in the day, ESPN’s Josina Anderson and Mario Williams spoke and some interesting things were discussed. Apparently Mario is willing to take a pay cut, because;

“It’s bigger than just the numbers (if feasible).” -Mario Williams

I find the timing of this conversation being released sketchy. Rex Ryan was set to have his press conference at 2:15 P.M., and Josina Anderson published this at around 12:00 P.M. But maybe that’s just me.

What would cause him to discuss taking a pay cut, if the team hadn’t asked him to do so? Think about it, would you go to your boss and ask for a pay cut? I know I wouldn’t. Mario is throwing out ideas because he probably knows that he won’t make as much guaranteed if he hits the market.

For example, if he restructures and somehow he reduces his salary cap number from $19.9 million to say $12 million. Maybe the Bills structure it to where $10 million is guaranteed over the next 2 years and the base pay is 2 million per year. So for cap purposes, his hit would be $7 million instead of $19.9 million. The $10 million guaranteed, may be more than what he would get on the market as a 31 year old…Plus it’s appealing to the Bills who are in cap hell.

So it would be a smart move for both sides. These numbers are arbitrary, and Anderson used Tamba Hali’s restructure with the Chiefs.


The Chiefs cut Hali’s costs from $9M to a 1-year $6M deal. The Chiefs converted $1M of that to base salary and the rest into signing bonus that was prorated over an additional 4 years for cap purposes.”


After what he showed us last year, would you be willing to do this to keep Mario?



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