I know the casual fan doesn’t really understand what goes into the plays being run on Sundays.  Trust me I didn’t really either until a few years ago. But when you think about how complex and large the playbooks are you realize that play calling in games is just one piece of the pie. Offenses and defense have scout teams that the starting units practice against during the week. Well those scout teams run opposing defenses or offensive plays. Those plays or schemes are obviously from prior game film. So specific coaches are tasked with certain aspects of a gameplan. Such as for offensive plays; run plays vs nickel package or 3rd and 1 type runs. Certain game situations.  So the coaches come up with their best plays in those specific situations to use in the gameplan. They have about 4-8 plays for each game situation. It’s all based on the teams playbooks, personnel and opposing teams tendencies or play calls etc. So a lot goes into running one play. Hours upon hours of study and analysis go into running just one play on either side of the ball. It is truly a team effort. This is what is soo fascinating to me about the game of football. It’s not just about the best athlete being the best player. A lot more goes into it. There are sooo many moving pieces that must come together to win. But when those pieces come together and you get that perfect play call and that man scores a TD and the fans go nuts that is an incredible feeling. A better feeling than just scoring the TD because soo much more time was put into getting to the outcome of a TD. So when you read a lot of my articles and posts I typically give the benefit of the doubt to the coaches or players. Why? Because I understand how much they study the game, how much they sacrifice to win and how they could have thought that a certain play call was correct but it didn’t work out. These guys are professionals, they have been doing this stuff their whole lives. It’s easy for us to second guess because there will always be hindsight and that is always right and never wrong. Coaches and players make decisions for game plans and in games based on the best information they have at that moment in time. Who am I to say they made the wrong decision unless I can prove that they totally went against a tendency that the other team has shown. Unless I was in those film rooms breaking down film or looking at those charts showing tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. Something to think about when as a fan you criticize the coaches. You have a right to an opinion. Just be logical, think about it from a football thinking man’s perspective. Remember as crazy as a play call may have been, A LOT of thought went into any given play on any given Sunday.