Bills vs. Eagles Analysis 3rd Qtr.








All 22 Review of the Bills vs. Eagles 3rd Qtr.

The Eagles received the ball after half-time. The Bills allowed a late field goal to end the half. The Bills allowed a 15 play 67 yard drive that ended with another field goal by Sturgis.

On the third play of the Eagles drive Philly ran the ball with Sproles. They ran a crack sweep. Here it is:

On 3rd and 4, the Eagles are in 11 personnel, they motion their TE and he cracks back on Mario. The WR seals off the 2nd level defender Lawson. Sproles gets 7 yards.

That play got them a first down and on the very next play they get a chunk play for 18 yards.

The Eagles are in trips left, the Bills are in cover 0. Darby is matched up with TE Ertz. Ertz runs a deep out route and Darby breaks a little late and just makes the tackle.

The Bills on 3rd and 4 can’t get the stop again as the Eagles convert on the ground for the second time this drive.

The Bills align in the 3-3-5, the Eagles run Ertz in motion to execute the crack back on Enemkpali. Lawson sees it and jumps outside the DE so that he can’t be sealed by the WR. Manny shoots in between the blockers and can’t make the tackle, Murray converts.

Two plays later the Eagles make another field goal to go up 20-10.

The Bills offense came onto the field and after a short run and a 6 yard scramble by Taylor, they are faced with a 3rd and 4.

The Bills empty the backfield and target Shady in the slot on the slant. Shady is matched up versus DB Biggers. The Eagles are in tight press man coverage. The Eagles at this point are only afraid Sammy, now that Clay is out. Barwin almost gets another hand on the ball as the ball is released.

The next play, first down, the Bills execute probably one of their best play-action pass plays all year.

The Bills fake the outside zone run to Shady and the whole defense flows to their left. Woods fakes a post route, drops his hips and pivots back to the sideline. Tyrod throws a perfect pass to Woods for a 37 yard gain.

Pretty pass…

The Bills target Woods again on the next play.

Bills motion O’leary across the formation, the defense is showing zone. Tyrod gets the snap and Tyrod hits Woods right in between the two ILBs.

Quick read and pass.

The Bills are driving so you know what happened next…The Bills took an illegal motion penalty. That play and an incompletion to Hogan put the Bills in 3rd and 7.

The Bills utilize 11 personnel, empty set. They try to get the ball to Sammy at the bottom of the screen. But the defense comes up with a great play. Look at the two players on defense with the arrows pointing at them. As Woods comes to set a rub, those two defenders conduct a textbook switch. They switch and the DB that is over Woods tackles Sammy for a 4 yard gain.

Field goal is good from Carpenter on 4th down. Eagles 20-13.

The next drive for the Eagles did not produce much. Rambo and Hughes made a nice play to stop this 2nd down run.

2nd and 5 and after having the Eagles pound the rock just about every down last drive the Bills bring the run blitz. Hughes bumps down as Lawson lines up in the 7 technique. Hughes is unaccounted for and blows the play up, Rambo cleans up.

After a 4 yard counter trey carry by Shady the Bills line up in a run formation.

Bills bring in RT Kouandjo with 21 personnel. Eagles run cover 4 as the Bills send one WR out for a pass. Sammy runs a quick hook route for a gain of 10. Rookie Rowe had no chance at stopping that play.

A penalty on the next play by Felton put the Bills in 1st and 15.

The Bills attempt runs on the next two plays starting with this. The offensive line continued to struggle.

The Bills try running zone read but Miller and Mills are unable to double team the DT. If they make that block, Shady may be able to gain a few yards.

The failure of the run game forced the Bills into this 3rd and long. They call a pass to Woods but he isn’t out of his break yet and Taylor feels pressure. So he leaves the pocket and bolts for the 1st down..

The very next play the Bills employ 21 personnel with an extra lineman to Cox’ side.

The Bills run a trap play. Kouandjo blocks down, Glenn kicks out the OLB and Wood and Felton get up inside. Kiko over pursues and Gillislee hits the hole for a TD. The TD ties the game 20-20.

The Bills kick the ball back to the Eagles and in three plays they get a first down to end the quarter..Stay tuned for more…