Bills vs. Eagles Analysis 4th Qtr








All 22 review Bills vs. Eagles 4th Qtr

The Eagles started the 4th quarter with the ball on their 48 yard line. On 1st and 10 they ran the ball with Murray and gained 8. The next play was a pass and the Bills for the third time today had trouble defending the route.

The Eagles run a 2×2 formation with Murray in the back field. The Bills run cover 4, Ertz runs a deep out, the #1 WR runs a skinny post and the RB runs a swing. Graham and Leodis have trouble defending the play. 11 yard gain for Ertz.

The Bills defense stops Murray up the middle and forced an incomplete pass to bring up 3rd down and 9 but Hughes gets a penalty. The ball is now spotted at the 32 yard line.

On 3rd and 4 the Eagles fire a pass to Jordan Matthews on the out route. The Bills are in man coverage this time instead of cover 4 but the defense just had trouble stopping this route combination.

The Eagles get greedy on the next play. On 1st and 10 from the 25 they test Mckelvin deep. He makes a great play to intercept the ball.

The Eagles went to the well too many times, they try running the skinny post/out combo again. The Bills align as if it is man coverage. The ball is snapped and Graham is over the TE Ertz. Graham gets out of position because he sees the RB heading to the flat. Mckelvin turns his hips and out of the corner of his eyes he sees Ertz breaking to the sideline. He turns and takes the ball away for the INT.

After a dropped pass by Sammy Watkins and an 18 yard run negated by a holding penalty by Wood the Bills attempt a pass.

Bills are in 11 personnel and they attempt to get the ball to Watkins. The Eagles play press man coverage. Sammy doesn’t get any separation, nor does Hogan in the slot. Tyrod doesn’t look anywhere near the right side of the offense. He ends up leaving the pocket and gaining a yard.

So that play puts the Bills in 3rd and 9 inside their own 10.

The Bills execute a screen to Shady.  They align in a 3×1 WR set. The receivers run deep and then block. Eric Wood gets out in front and blocks the DB, Shady does the rest to get the first down.

On 1st and 10 from the 16, the Bills go back to the run game.

The Bills are in 21 personnel with Kouandjo in as an extra lineman, motion Gragg and run the counter trey to the offenses’ right. The play is shut down by #96 Logan. He out-muscles Miller. Miller is engaged pretty well, but he doesn’t move his feet, to maintain the block. Logan slammed Gillislee to the ground. The Eagles dominated the line of scrimmage the whole second half.

So on 3rd and 3 the Bills go to the empty set. But pressure ruins the play…

The primary for this play is Sammy on the bottom of the screen. Taylor doesn’t throw to him because the rub play didn’t work and Sammy isn’t open. Taylor then gets immediate pressure in his face and is forced to scramble and make a throw to the deep crosser.

As you can see after that first read, Taylor is forced from the front side of the play to the backside. Miller’s play was at it’s worse this game. Curry beats him as soon as the ball is snapped. Kiko jumps Sammy’s route, and TT tries getting it to Hogan on the backside crossing route.

The Eagles get the ball back on their 46 yard line due to a 28 yard punt return by Darren Sproles. If anyone is going to be fired this year, I think it should be the special teams coach. This is by far one of the worst special teams units I have every seen.

On 1st and 10 the Eagles come out in 11 personnel and motion the TE. They make the play look similar to the crack sweep from earlier. The defense reacts as if it is the run and the switch between Darby and the slot defender does not happen. So the coverage is blown.

Great play by Bryant, he was the Bills best graded defensive player this game. According to PFF he ended the game with 2 QB hits, 4 QB hurries, 1 tackle, 1 assist and 1 stop.

The Bills get the Eagles into another 3rd and medium. They decide to bring the blitz.

The Eagles are in 12 personnel, the Bills blitz 5. Bradford recognizes the blitz is coming and gets rid of it. Darby reads the route well and breaks the pass up. The Eagles did a great job of sliding the protection to their left, and TE Celek; in the backfield slides to his right to pick up the edge pressure. Hands up Mario!!

After the Eagles punt, the Bills start their drive on their 9 yard line. They run a counter trey to the right and gain 4. But on the very next play, Incognito takes another penalty.

So on 2nd and 14 the Bills bring in 11 personnel. The Eagles are in dime defense and play zone coverage. Hogan finds a hole in the cover 6 zone and gets the first down.

The very next play the Bills the Bills try running a trap to their left. But Richie totally misses his block and drops Shady for a 10 yard loss.

After that loss the Bills face 2nd and 20 and Tyrod throws a strike to Sammy for 16 yds. Great timing route.

The Bills bring back the double stack formation with the TE in the slot. The defense is in man coverage with a single high safety. The Bills got the match-up they wanted. Sammy vs. Maxwell. The play just isn’t executed. Could they have thrown somewhere else? Maybe, but as you can see it looks like this was a predetermined throw because of the match-up. People have been complaining that Tyrod isn’t getting the ball to Sammy enough, well this is just another example on 3rd and short that the Bills tried. But now fans want to crucify the play-call because it was a deep pass instead of something to the chains. As you will see, Hogan is open..

Hogan is briefly open at the markers, but from the left hash that would have been picked imo.

The Bills hold the Eagles on two plays on their next drive. On a 3rd and 3 play the pick play occurred.

This play in my opinion is very close. The Eagles bring in 11 personnel and it’s a slant/flat combo. The WR on the bottom; Huff runs a slant but then stops. The TE Ertz runs to the flats and receives the ball. In real time, I am pretty surprised that after seeing the collision there wasn’t a flag thrown. It gets even worse when you watch it closely, because you can see Huff slowed up on running his route..That to me, should have been called.

The Eagles go on to get another field goal to go up 23-20.

On first down the Bills try setting up the screen, but Graham bats the pass down.

On second down the Bills shoot themselves in the foot again. Richie gets called with holding and it leads to 2nd and 20.

Then the Bills complete this pass for 6 yards to Hogan. The play was designed to go to him, but Sammy might have had his man beat up top..

An incomplete pass attempt on 3rd and long leads to another punt for the Bills. The Eagles take possession of the ball at their 36 yard line.

On the first play Dareus stuffs the run. The Bills are in their base defense to stop the run. Mario is in a 2 point stance in the 7 technique. Both DTs do a great job of getting of of their blocks.

The Bills come up with 2 more big stops to force the punt.

The Bills get the ball back at their 31 yard line with 1:49 left in the game and 1 timeout. They run the ball on first down.

The Bills are in 11 personnel and run a trap play for a gain of 7.

This is second down: The slot TE is the primary option. He comes open but the ball is batted down by Barwin.

The Bills set up for 3rd and 3, but Jordan Mills commits another penalty…

The Bills motion into a trips set. The defense is in man coverage. Woods runs a vertical route, Hogan attempts a rub on Woods’ defender but misses. Taylor drops back and throws the ball deep. The ball is intercepted by Reynolds. Taylor said that he and Woods had a miscommunication. This read seems like it was predetermined based on the coverage they got. I believe that if Woods runs the proper route, he makes a play on the ball or at least breaks up the interception. Instead he pushed too far up field and didn’t get enough width to the sideline. Sammy does come open versus the double team but again, he isn’t the primary here.

The Bills had many opportunities to win this game. The defense came up with stops when they were needed. But the Bills lost this game for a few reasons. One, the injury to Charles Clay. When you re-watch the game look at all of the TE formations that were in the game-plan. He was supposed to be a major part of the passing game. The times Gragg was in the slot, that is where Clay was supposed to be lined up. Once Clay was out, the Eagles then played press man coverage more which caused issues. Sammy and Shady could get open but the other WRs couldn’t consistently get open. The Eagles defense was not afraid of any other of the Bills’ weapons. But Clay was also missed in the run game. His ability to help block in the run game definitely hurt the Bills, especially on the edge runs.

The second reason the Bills struggled was because of the offensive lines struggles. Every single lineman had some form of mistake that cost the Bills yardage. Some of those mistakes were penalties due to being man-handled. The Eagles defensive line dominated most of the game. The Bills will need to vastly improve this weekend if they want to beat the Redskins.