Top Tier Contracts, Top Tier Results?


Some of the NFL’s top defenders are playing in this game. Which one is worth it?

This weeks matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Houston Texans is a must win for both teams. Two key players in this game are the near hundred million dollar defensive players in JJ Watt and Mario Williams.  Mario is entering this game a little banged up. A playoff appearance is on the line, ironically against his former team. If this game doesn’t get him going nothing will.

JJ Watt is on pace for another defensive MVP season. The two players signed similar contracts but the production has not been close and I blame a lot of that on determination and will. Here’s JJ’s current contract courtesy of Spotrac.

Mario’s contract courtesy of Spotrac:

JJ does not stop on any play, one of the few players who gives it 100 % on every play until the whistle ends. Mario on other hand has been spotted a few times giving up on plays. Mario made headlines again this week, complaining how he has been used this year:

Here is a snippet from the article written by Marc Sessler at

Here is a snippet from the article written by Marc Sessler at

Is that what you want from your highest paid player? A supposed leader?

Meanwhile, Watt basically said he will play any position, offense, defense special teams because the Texans pay him a lot of money.  That my friends is a leader that any team would be lucky to have. Mario’s best statistical season was last year with 42 tackles and 14.5 sacks at age 31. He is nowhere close to that this season with only 14 tackles and 3 sacks. Watt last yr was defense MVP at age 25, with 78 tackles and 20.5 sacks. Those are just his stats on defense, he has played offense as well, can you say stud? This season Watt is on the same pace with 55 tackles 13.5 sacks even though he is double teamed on just about every play, and even triple teamed at times.

It’s time for Mario to stop complaining about the scheme, and start playing 100% and earn the 100 million dollar contract he received.