Why it worked: Harvin’s 1st TD as a Bill


Percy Harvin’s career as a Bill had it’s ups and downs. Here is a breakdown of the Bills, Harvin’s and Tyrod’s first TD of the year.

Although Percy’s career in Buffalo may be over, he carried the Bills passing game early in the year. His talent shined in the first game of the year versus the Colts. Harvin was targeted five times, he caught 5 balls for 79 yards and 1 TD. Looking at the advanced statistics courtesy of Pro Football Focus (PFF), Harvin was mainly targeted on the right side of the field. Three of his receptions were from 0-9 yards. One across the middle for a total of 11 yards (8 YAC) and two receptions were to the right side of the field for a total of 14 (5 YAC) yards. One pass to Harvin was thrown behind of the line of scrimmage and that play only gained 3 yards. The biggest reception was the 51 yard TD to start the scoring for the Bills offense. Take a look at why it worked.