WR Jarrett Boykin Signed: Taylor’s WR in College








Bills didn’t waste time adding to their WR depth.

The Bills are facing the reality that a few of the WRs who contributed in 2015 may not be back with the team next season. Percy Harvin, Chris Hogan, Walter Powell and Leonard Hankerson are all WRs that for one reason or another may not be on the opening day roster come 2016.  Also, WR Marcus Easley reportedly dislocated his knee cap and broke his knee in three places and requires surgery. Combine those unknowns at WR and Easley’s injury you can see why the Bills made this transaction.

The Bills went out and signed free agent Jarrett Boykin. Boykin came into the league as an un-drafted free agent but is known from his time with the Green Bay Packers. Boykin is listed as 6’2″, 215 pounds, and most of his career stats can be credited to the 2013 season when starters for the Packers WRs went down with injuries. Take a look at his statistics per ESPN.com.

Game logs from 2013:

Boykin did not play in any regular season games in 2015. He was on the Carolina Panthers roster in preseason and he caught 9 balls for 93 yards. He was primarily seen as a special teamer and I think the Bills see him in a similar role until they can see how well Easley recovers from his surgeries this off-season.

The interesting tidbit about Boykin was that he was Tyrod Taylor’s top target when they played at Virginia Tech. Take a look at a few clips of Tyrod and Boykin connecting:

He doesn’t have blazing speed, but he tracks the ball well.

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Great route by Boykin, leaves the DB stumbling.

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Gets behind the DBs again.

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In 2013 Boykin had his best game versus the Eagles. QB Scott Tolzien was the starter in place of Aaron Rodgers and it is no surprise that Tolzien had rapport with backup WR Boykin. Boykin hauled in 8 catches for 112 yards. Take a look:

Calls for the ball and gets it. Clocked a 4.74 40 in 2012, but a 36 inch vert and 10 1/4″ hands!

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Nice deep comeback route versus tight man coverage.

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Maneuvers through traffic for get a nice gain on the WR screen.

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The Bills seem to be bringing in WRs that have a little more size than what the Bills are used to having. Boykin is a guy that adds value in that department, on special teams but most of all a guy that Taylor is familiar with. Going into an off-season where Tyrod will get the full reps as the clear cut starter, bringing in a guy Taylor is familiar with will only help in his progression as a quarterback.