Update Re-signed by Minn: Kenrick Ellis DT Minnesota



Kenrick Ellis is a 6’5″ 346 pound nose tackle who will possibly be on the market after the season.

The Bills have many needs to address this coming off-season and many think most of it will come on the defensive side of the ball. I agree and some key positions on this defense will have to be looked at. Defensive tackles Stefan Charles and Corbin Bryant are restricted free agents. Whaley has said that he intends on signing “our” guys.

Charles is more of a 2 gap run stopper. He is able to take on double teams and free up linebackers to make plays. Charles has only played sparingly but his size, 6’5″ 323 pounds is part of the reason why the Bills have worked on developing him. Corbin Bryant is more of a 3 technique attacking type defensive tackle. He is 6’4″ 300 pounds and has filled in really well for Kyle Williams this year. Both players are completely different but both players fit certain personnel groupings that Rex Ryan employs. Doug Whaley sounds like he is committed on bringing those two players back for at least one more year. But if for some reason they don’t the Bills may need to look in the draft and free agency to replace them key depth along the defensive line.

The possibility of Rex changing the base defense also has something to with a slight change in personnel. The Bills need to bring in guys that fit what Rex Ryan wants to do. If he wants to play more 3-4 he will need to get a nose tackle. Rex should move Dareus to the 5 tech defensive end and open competition for the nose tackle position.

Defensive tackle Kenrick Ellis is that guy. Ellis is currently a role player on the Minnesota Vikings.

Ellis is shaded over the center. He stacks the blocker and shucks him to bring down Lacey.

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He hasn’t seen much time in the defensive line rotation having only participated in 89 snaps this year. But over the course of his career (56 games) he has played in 765 snaps out of 3,749 snaps which is about 20% of the snaps according to Pro Football Focus (PFF). Kenrick only has 1 sack, 14 QB hurries, 50 tackles and 46 stops. According to PFF, stops constitute a “loss” for the offense.

Rex is familiar with Ellis’ game. Ellis came into the league in 2011 as a third round draft pick by Rex Ryan and the New York Jets. Ellis has prototypical nose tackle size at 6’4″ 346 pounds and he is the physical presence you need at NT in Ryan’s defense.

Ellis is #93 at nose tackle. Look at how he stands up the blocker and snatches the RB.

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One characteristic that Rex loves in his defensive line is length. Ellis has a 35 1/8″ reach, that kind of length allows him to control lineman and latch onto runners.

Ellis is shaded over the center and attacks the backside guard. The Browns run inside zone to the defenses left. Ellis controls the lineman then sheds him and tackles the RB.

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Here against the Bills he takes on the double team and brings down Spiller.

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Against the Falcons Ellis is aligned over the center. He puts a swim move on the center and overpowers the RG to get to the RB. That’s how you split a double team.

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A signing like this may not get headlines, in fact it definitely won’t. But if the Bills can bring in Ellis to play nose tackle that would allow them to put Dareus and Williams as 5 technique defensive ends in their 3-4 defensive alignment. He currently makes $378,000 and with his limited play his contract will be modest.

I know a lot of fans don’t want to bring former Jets players to this team. But you have to keep in mind the Bills are cash strapped even with them possibly cutting players. But more importantly, nose tackles with size, strength and quickness are very hard to find. There are only a couple in this years draft. Kenrick may be a perfect fit for the Bills…

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