2019 NFL Draft Offensive Numbers: QB Wins, RB Touches, Fumble Rates and OL Starts


It’s always nice to have a reference sheet to keep close during the draft season. With wins by quarterbacks, running back touches and fumble rates and knowing where the majority of starts come from among offensive linemen, the tables below have it covered for the tidbits of information that help accentuate a scouting report and opinion.

Quarterback Wins (By Percentage)

Quarterback Wins (By Record)

Touches by Running Backs

Touches by Running Backs without Returns

Rushes by Running Backs

Receptions by Running Backs

Running Back Fumble Rates (Per Touch)

Offensive Line Total Starts

Starts at Left Tackle

Starts at Right Tackle

Starts at Left Guard

Starts at Right Guard

Starts at Center

*Denotes that not all stats/games are accounted for due to transferring from junior college. 

Christian Page is a scout and writer for Cover1.net. His scouting experience dates back to 2015. Christian has a background of radio along with collegiate athletic department experience and corporate marketing.