Announcing Cover 1 Premium Content



Over the last couple of years Cover 1 has gained a lot of traction, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Thanks to fans of the Buffalo Bills, NFL Draft, Scouting Arena, and football junkies, we have laid a foundation to build a sustainable site.

We owe special thanks to the 32 patrons that donate to Cover 1 via Patreon on a monthly basis. Thanks to you I have been able to compensate contributors for their hard work.


However, those donations only cover their wages, force me to maintain another site and ultimately do not cover the cost to operate the Cover 1. It doesn’t cover the memberships that I pay for monthly to help cover the Bills and NFL Draft in the detailed manner that you have become accustomed to. Here are a few memberships and or services that we utilize to run the site:

NFL Gamepass

ESPN Insider

Pro Football Focus Premium Statistics (PFF Edge)

Football Outsiders Premium

Football Outsiders Almanac

Zoom Teleconference Membership

Podbean Podcast Hosting

And then there are maintenance fees for

Domain fees

Site hosting fees

Equipment upgrades for editing and conversion


These aren’t all of the costs to run the site, but as you can imagine, it is not cheap to operate Cover 1. I have been completely content, and at the same time surprised, at the support we have garnered, but we are now at a crossroads.

With that traction comes a time that I would like to create a revenue stream to at least cover the cost to run the site. This means I have to make one of two decisions: 1.) take on ad sponsorships from companies, place their ads or logos on the site for a fee; or 2.) create premium content on the site to make ends meet. This would mean that there would be some content that would only be accessible to members. It wouldn’t be all of our content, but just certain in-depth articles or breakdowns. It’ll be tiered, sort of like Patreon. Depending on your level of commitment, you’ll get different privileges. These include:


Tier one – $1 per month

Access to members only content such as:

  • Post game breakdown articles with an array of GIFS
  • NFL and or NCAAF player scouting reports/breakdowns
  • Scheme or concept breakdowns

Early release content

A follow on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram


Tier two – $5 per month

Looking for an angle, statistic or our opinions to help you win a debate with your friends? Shoot us a message

Special access to our Cover 1 Slack channel/community where you can communicate with our staff

Have one football question answered live on Locked On Bills Podcast or Cover 1 | The Podcast

Access to video or audio in game reactions (when available)

*Tier two includes privileges of tier one


Other services available


Tier three – $10 one time payment

Request an article breakdown on a player of your choice


Request a topic for an entire podcast

Tier four – $25 one time payment

Request a 2-4 minute video breakdown of a player of your choice

*Tier three and four will get you access to premium content for one month from time of purchase.


Much like Patreon, any donation above and beyond the tiers is appreciated, as well. Setting aside certain content for members allows me to keep ads off of Cover 1. It will also require less work on my end, so I don’t have to upload separate content onto Patreon. Creating content in WordPress offers many more formatting options, to boot. All in all, this special content allows us to be accessible and to build a rapport with the Cover 1 and Bills communities.

Hopefully, some of you join us and donate to help Cover 1 so that we can continue to bring you the absolute best Bills and NFL Draft content.



Erik Turner