We’re testing something out with a new potential sponsorship partner that has developed a really cool app called BallStreet. It has no cost, you win real money and we’re giving away a free Cover 1 shirt and Premium Membership and or extension to the highest Cover 1 finisher this weekend.

Download BallStreet App Here

It’s a real-time Sports/Market game that is 100% free, but you win real money. You start each game with 100 shares of each team and based on the ebbs and flows of the game, you try to buy low and sell high to make more money. The winning team’s shares at the end of the game are worth $100 each, so whoever acquired the most shares at the best price… wins. The top 20% of finishers in each game win real money.

A few of us tested it out on Thursday Night football and really enjoyed it. It’s not super intensive and is a nice “background” app that you can just pull up when a big moment happened and buy/sell some shares without needing to stare at it the entire game.

We figured the Bills bye week was a good test window, so we’re inviting everyone to give it a shot on games tomorrow (They’ve got NYJ/DAL at 4pm, PIT/LAC on SNF and DET/GB on MNF setup) to give it a test run. Then we’ll ask for your feedback if it’s something worth continuing on with.

Download BallStreet App Here