First Round Results Prove Bills GM Right


The Buffalo Bills didn’t have a selection in yesterday’s first round, thanks to an aggressive move by General Manager Brandon Beane to acquire the team’s newest weapon, Stefon Diggs. After yesterday’s results, we can assume Beane was right yet again.

When asked about the move at the beginning of the month, Beane explained that it was a calculated risk, one that he was very comfortable taking, envisioning how the first round should go:

“I just felt a proven commodity was worth this,” said the Bills’ GM. “The trade value of this move probably moved us up three to four slots from 22, might have gotten us to 18 or 19, not as high as I thought we had to get one of those premier guys that I knew would walk in the door, even August 1, and be ready to roll.”

As he expected, Alabama’s Henry Ruggs III and Jerry Jeudy, and Oklahoma’s CeeDee Lamb, the consensus top three pass-catchers in this year’s draft, were all selected before the 18th pick, proving Beane right.

This is another reason for Bills fans to be confident in his decision-making; his knowledge put him ahead of the curve. He could’ve waited for the draft and missed on the top guys, which would’ve been a tragedy. Instead, Beane took his phone and acquired one of the premier play-makers in the league for a fair price. This was a huge move indicating a promising 2020 season in Buffalo.

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