Bills Draft Recap Show w/ Jordan Reid



Aaron (@AaronQuinn716) and Greg (@GregTompsett) chat with our very own draft analyst Jordan Reid (@JReidNFL) to talk about the Buffalo Bills 2019 Draft class as well as his thoughts on some of the undrafted free agents they signed over the weekend.
Source: Cover 1 | Buffalo

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Hey guys, what is going on? Welcome back to another addition to the cover on Buffalo podcast, this time it’s a post-draft podcast. We had talked about the draft so much, and now here we are on the other side of it and I’m excited again to come and talk to you about our actual picks instead of projecting, picks tonight. I was always, I got my co-host great “thoms it with us. He’s wearing the the little bills. I also wondering if he’s got a job in the bills front office now and he’s leaving us. Is that the announcement you’re making tonight?

And I can either confirm or deny those reports.

I wasn’t privy to this for me was I wasn’t privy I was in pre… And I’m really excited that I know you’re super busy, and you took some time out here to be with us. Our fellow cover one contributor builder of the best draft guide out there, they share a Jordan Reed Jordan, how you doing my man, good and excited to be here to talk Bill.

It starts all back over for you.

Yeah, you just finished the draft process. He started ready, back up again, I… Yeah, absolutely, already working on some 202 guys. I was on that in that… Yeah, it’s impressive, I respect it, but we… You guys are second head is that in A… So it’s great and I’m excited to talk to you because I know that you watch the Bill draft closely. Obviously, you’re working with cover one, you have to pay attention to us, ’cause you follow all of us. There’s no way around it, even if you wanted to avoid the bills.

So let’s get right into it today, we’ll talk about some other things after a… You’re a busy guy and you’re hopping on radio and doing all kinds of things all over the place. So why we got… You wanna pick your brain bills go right into it. They’re on the clock on Twitter here, in a bunch of rumors they’re trying to trade up, they’re talking about quitting. Was he talking about maybe a train up for ED Oliver?

They waited out stay part.

They’re not at a nine at all of our falls. Ran through the lab perfect scenario a couple of cubes.

Oakland shocks, the world. And Greg who was live at the time of shocks him, and all of her falls right into our lap, slam dunk. easy decision.

What do you think about the bills, taking at Oliver and nine and how that played out?

Well, I kind of think it was destined to happen because of all the clips that were servicing on Twitter. You saw at Oliver running is 40. but when he was doing his positional drills he actually ran into one Coach by accident and it just so happened to be sonic derma, I’m not sure if you guys seen that click. Oh yeah, oh yeah kind of see like this. It was destined to happen. And I love the fit. This was by far one of my favorite picks of the first round. And I say that because it over really fits the mantra that they’re trying to build in Buffalo, and I know blue collar is the term that’s thrown out there loosely with Chimera, and Brandon being a lot, but that’s exactly what it all… If we bring to the table a guy that, he really satisfies a need that they had along the interior. And I know they had hair on Philips Jordan files and start “etah middle, but they don’t have anybody with the upside of… And Ed Oliver and he’s not just a three technician that a lot of people have been saying, but he can bring you pressure from all different types of positions and then you come at that with Jerry hue and a pressure really is something that the Bulls have struggled with in the past, but you can just stick it Olivet there And so, packages and even on third down just to create chaos in that middle, just in case you wanna get any of those three guys that I mentioned earlier, along the interior on the field along with Ed Oliver and ger you… So I really love the fit, there with him in Buffalo.

I love the idea, like you said, di versatility that He offers. When you get into third and eight, you kick him over to the star role, and then you bring in, you kick down check loss, and you bring in “laurentide into one of those interior past Russian moves. And I like, almost like the old school giants and scar formation. Where you have four just pass rushers there and he can play any of those roles that I love the versatility, what he brings. It’s really exciting to see.

Now obviously, you draft a guy here, you’re expecting. I know it’s out of the range of blue chip prospects, but I think a lot of people that I talk to, and a lot of people I read Adam as their third, fourth best player on their boards. Did the bills get as close to a blue trip, as you can get it in and Oliver? And then to follow that up, what type of impact should we expect from him Year One and early on, his career.

Oh yeah, he was a butcher, prospect to me, he was my number three… Rank guy on my board, and seeing him fall, this far, especially seeing players like Cleveland Pharaoh and Daniel Jones go ahead of him. It was a bit puzzling to me considering the needs that both of those teams had that selected those two players and I think they made a mistake, passing an Oliver especially with the Raiders, at four. I thought that definitely could be a situation that he could walk into on right away, but the bills being able to stay where they are and still being able to get a lot right away. And then the great thing about Oliver is that he walked into a situation where he really doesn’t have anybody in front of him and I know he played. I know they pay a to a lot of money, but I don’t think that should keep them away from start to the right a way because let’s just be honest guys… He does not have nearly the upside of the ED. Oliver does have right away in it would surprise me if he is a starter at the three technique from the first game of the year.

Yeah, I do think he comes in immediately and I is the guy there. And it was something that we knew was a need and a fit, and I think no better way to start off the draft and not only get a need, but also that need be the actual best player available and the best player on a lot of people’s boards. After the first two guys, the top you guys, the combination it offers also is you can start him you can give him good immediate playing time, but also, having Jordan Phillips and Harrison Phillips means that you can deploy him intelligently you can have him play a good amount of snaps, but he doesn’t have to play a crazy amount of snaps even I don’t wanna get ahead of ourselves and assume he’s gonna turn into the geno-Atkins, the Fletcher Cox, the Aran down those guys eventually in their third, fourth, fifth year, get up to the 80 80% of snaps.

He doesn’t need to do that this year. You can use Jordan Phillips, you can use hairs on Phillips be smart in how you deploy him and let him stay really fresh and explosive.

Yeah, and with the buffalo connection, I know they talked about on draft night that Kiwis already reached out to him. We know that trauma German wants Willis a part of this organization in some capacity, maybe not in an official capacity, but I think that that is gonna be a great resource to lean on Him not only to introduce him to Buffalo, the area, but to teach them some of the things about the game, I guarantee you kiss gonna be a trading camp this year, and in his ear and in helping him develop and I think that’s a perfect situation for a guy like that.

Let’s get down a little bit more because this is a guy I think a lot of fans assume you go around to that this guy is gonna be an instant contributor. I don’t know after talking with Eric a little bit, I don’t know if that’s gonna be the case here but we did trade up a couple of spots there was talk that rebate said they were considering trading back up into one to get him because he was a first round grade on their board, but the price was too steep at the time.

Co-for falls to them 38. they go up a couple of spots and make sure that they grab this big body smaller mean due to do fits their arty of what they’re looking for.

What do you see Out according… Forward and what should those fans expect with that big?

If he actually got a first round grade on my board, I believe he was ranked my 20th overall prospect I believe that’s where I had him slotted. I think the most interesting part about this entire fit, is that just like a live is another guy that fits the identity that the bills are trying to create a vertical type of offense running game vertical type of running game that really just like to run straight ahead, right, at defense defenses and really just lay on them, and that’s exactly what conform was able to do at Oklahoma and there was just so many questions out there about just what position he would play, but him having Guard experience in 2017 and then switching to tackle in 2018, I think that’s gonna help him a lot.

I think what position they ultimately end up playing in that, I think that’s what’s gonna be key to his success and we’ll see if he does end up providing competition at tackle with tie and SEC or Don darkens or if they slide them inside to provide competition in there, I think he’s gonna provide value at either one. And the great thing about that is that if you think about two years ago, the bills were very thin up front but now they’re eight or nine guys deep, which is something we haven’t said about the bills in a very long time.

So I had… We might be cutting guys who started for us last year may be multiple Aaron and I have been in the middle of a lot of these debates and I’m really torn what’s best for Cody for long-term what’s best for the bills in 2019?

Do those things line up, is we’re debating, is it best for him to learn it, right? Tackle really lock in their work on the technique, get his body into NFL nutrition and training and that might involve tie and see starting all year, right, tacony. Just being a really valuable back up.

Or if he’s better than the other options at right guard whether that’s a Jon fly “Ciano or a Spencer long. Do you have him play at right guard? ’cause then you’re getting your best five on the field and that’s the best for 2019. knowing that he might need to kick out to tackle in the future and then you might be taking the kind of one step forward, two steps back.

So I think that’s gonna be an interesting dynamic to see how they play that out this summer and what’s best for the team, this year. What’s best for Cody for long term and how do they balance that is gonna be a very interesting debate to what… I don’t know the answer to that. What would you do, or the coach of the bills? And you have this opportunity with this big body guy, but you got a couple of tackles already and you got a nice back-up swing tackle. Where do you start off his career? And do you live by… If you start him at Guard can you kick them out later or if you start my guard as he kinda stuck in that position. Moving forward, I think it has the versatility to play both. But me personally, I would try him at tackle first, just because tackles are much more valuable than guard. I think it can kinda hide guys along the anterior I tackle. You can’t necessarily do that unless you wanna attach the tide and… And he has access last year as a tackle and we know that in SEC isn’t the long-term answer there. He’s about to be 34 years old, I believe so he’s probably not gonna be with the team for the foreseeable future. Three to four years down the road. But you have a younger guy, like code for that. You can sign in to a second contract four years from now, if He is your long-term solution at right tackle. So I really like the through-Man competition there that they have going at tackle between Don darkens and SEC and Co-for… So I’m really interested to see the training. Can’t battle between those two at the right tackle, spot.

Yeah, no, I am too. And there’s gonna be battles all across that line that are super exciting, but that’s definitely gonna be… One of the fans were looking for obviously in second was a huge signing for them as far as fans are concerned and really address the need. And then you bring this guy in. It’s something we haven’t seen in a long time, about all that is important in its area. Eric put together a graphic earlier that I think the fans are gonna see pretty soon here and it was just a nice visual the projected starting line up, and we throw some names out there, but I had a backup set of five in the back up five was Laren Wadley teller Russell “bodin John Feliciano and Cody Ford and there’s a good Lord, those back up fiber better than the line we had all the later. It’s just an unbelievable problem. We haven’t had in a long time.

Yeah, and at some point here, we’ll keep moving on at some point a guy that’s gonna be running behind these massive human beings that they have gotten, and I think they will be a better run blocking, team moving forward.

But in the third round, they go with Devon Single Terry. I have to say at the time, right in immediately surprised me a little bit. I obviously looked at all these running backs, but once we got talons I really didn’t think running back was gonna be in the cards. I thought maybe if they held on some of the late pics and a guy fell that sure or you take a war on a Brit Love, and the station for a year, did not see Singletary, of being the target and then being the guy, the first guy in the third round that they picked, they grab him a pretty exciting prospect. Very interesting, because it’s athletic profiles that you see online aren’t good, but then you turn on the tape and he looks every bit athletic as in the other running back in this class, what did you see from him?

Where do you have Him with your running backs?

This was actually one of my drive cross of the year. I hesitated if you think about it. He’s a carbon copy of Frank or coming out of Miami, so I’m sure that’s probably something that really intrigued him to an extent. And I think somebody is probably gonna be all in this group. And we’ve seen how disposable the running back position is, but this just goes back to what McDonagh in all year with that. They want competition at every single position, and they’ve done it with offensive line, they’ve done it with receiver and now they just wanted to do it at running back, even though it is a disposable position. So you bring in Singletary, I can be that young, option also with Elon, and then, you have two older guys, and we know the chamois price tag is up there and there’s still his future. I think it’s still in question with this team, I’m not so sure if they end up shipping them off elsewhere if they just end up cutting him out, right? So we’ll see what happens with that position. But I’m a huge fan of Singletary. The biggest thing that I love about him is he’s not a guy that’s gonna look good and what I call the underwear Olympics at the Combine, but was when you turn on the film, he’s creating something out of nothing, and he is just so good at creating behind the one scrimmage and he’s never had block in his career at Florida at LA and now getting with the offensive line that is going to be better when he sees those holes, I think he’s gonna be a really good talent. It’s just a matter of St. adjustment for him is gonna be special teams.

He has to find a way to play specialties, because he’s never done it. At Ford athletic and I think in order to make this team, he’s gonna have to carve out our role on special teams, especially if they do end up keeping all for these guys, there’s just no way he’s gonna get a carry in that backfill because all the other three ahead and M are already proven commodities. So maybe he starts a year out on special teams, and then in 2020 he may be as that young guy that they have in place behind whoever is already there.

I could even see, like you said that where it’s a carbon copy some people have compared to him, to have… So the combination of what you see in Gore and McCoy that neither of them tested terribly well. I think those kind of way you were touching on that. Neither of them were work out warriors neither of them translated in the combine like they did on film, but some of the statistics that he put up especially, obviously some of the raw numbers are gross with how many touches he had in the yardage on 67 touchdowns, and stuff like that, but his percentage of yardage, after contact for a guy that people tried to claim is too small and was an athletic, you can’t gain that many yards after contact unless you got something. So, going out and… And the press or being touched on things that don’t really translate in a combined work-out exception in “sinistral special that he gave about, he may not be a home-run hitter, but good luck with him in a phone booth.

And just in that short area, which is… Aarons’ made the point a lot of times that’s what the NPO is is that phone booth short, tight area in the box.

He had some highlights where he just made guys look silly where there’s three or four guys around him and is able to take a back, cut that was just gross and be able to jump around them so I’m excited to see where they do that. But I actually think he could even be a half red shirt year where he’s on the 53, but maybe not on the game day, 46, all that often without an injury and that he could be at. ’cause you’re gonna have to activate, you can’t release or try to practice squad a third round pick, but I could actually see the… If Gore yelled in and shady I’ll stay healthy and make the team. Maybe he’s on there, but not active on game day. Early on.

Yeah, I can see that too. One thing I wanna talk to you about a little bit here is, I know when we had you on pre-draft we’re talking about some of the running backs and I know you mentioned Singletary, a number of other guys and one of the things that I wanna get your opinion on having watched a lot of them is two things really his ability for past blocking, because that’s always a big concern with me with rookie running backs of getting any play is… Would you throw them in there and they don’t understand past protection? And that drives me totally crazy. It’s a big reason. Marcus Murphy hasn’t been able to really get a lot of playing time, he’s just really never picked up past coverage and with a guy like Josh Allen, you need somebody to understand that at the NFL and then pass catching. Not a lot happen at Florida. Atlantic ’cause that more of an issue of the scheme. Or did they not feel confident in him than his ability to do that? He’s gonna have to do that at the next level. Is that something he can translate into the NFL with?

Well, he has to work on his technique as a pass blocker? I will say that… And he’s a bit of a smaller guy and he attempts stand in there and fight, but sometimes he just doesn’t have the strength in or to hold up, so that’s something he’s gonna have to develop over time, which I think he will be able to do.

Now, as far as the past Kier, I think he’s fine in that area. If you go back and watch them at the Combine was very comfortable with doing that, but it’s just laying if… And didn’t utilize him in that area because he was so effective running the ball, so they felt as if they didn’t really need to involve him in the receiving game, but they did Flex them out and allow them to run some routes from time to time, but they didn’t really target him a whole bunch, but a guy that scored 66 “Udon in his career. I mean, how much more past production Kenny had just because he was such a great running three and a he has really soft hands for the most part, he doesn’t fight the ball or double catch or anything like that, so he’s a comfortable pass catcher. It’s just a matter of digging up the clips and actually find him doing that, and that’s something that’s really hard to find us because, they just didn’t utilize him in that way, in “Lankans offense.

But when I see some of that tight space stuff that Greg was talking about, I think, of the screen game, and his lust being able to shake some and that just gets me excited and here, and you say, that he has the ability to do that gets me even more excited or anything. I was like I said, I think the Lakers part that a lot of people miss. I know just box score, looking at it. 26 catches as a freshman, 19 as a sophomore, 60, as a junior. You think that was simply system generated. Nothing, nothing negative. Reflecting on him.

Yeah, it was all system generated and they ran the football when they got the side. The 20-A was the Devon star show as far as the tentacles are out on the perimeter, and he was so effective and you guys talked about his contact balance, which was just out of this world, and he was just so good as a running threat. They didn’t think that they need to utilize him as a receiving pipe.

So now, one last question on them and we’ll move a little bit forward.

Another thing that I get a little bit nervous at with the box core scouting type idea is you look at the number of carries and then you look at the yards after contact. It wasn’t like he wasn’t getting head. He’s breaking through tackles he’s got a lot of ware on his frame coming into the league. Is that a concern, or you’re not even worried about that? And kinda just move along and see what he’s got.

This is always an interesting question to me. And I think it’s a case-by-case basis honestly, just because some guys have the armor in order to hold up and I think he does have the armor for that just because if he look at him, he’s a really big guy even though he’s only 57, so I think he has the body structure or in order to hold up in the league and yes, he got a lot of mole at Florida and landing, but he never missed the game in his entire career and I think that means a lot for his future going forward, and maybe he does wear down as time goes on, but as far as what he’s shown at this point he has a showing any signs of wear and tear at all, which I think is really good for him.

That’s awesome.

I know, it’s interesting, as we kinda move on to the next part of the draft this transition here, was one of the most interesting to me, ’cause I think a lot of fans and especially a lot of maybe some of the more Monday morning quarterback scouts and people who like to try to be draft draft experts try to find… Okay, does Ben have a type? Does this team lean more towards the relative athletic scores or is it on… On the combine or is it all in the film or is it all into the production in college?

And going from Devin, Singletary, who was one of the most poor scoring from an athletic profile, they had off the charts production in college, and going to do on Knox. That’s almost zero production and all projection. And just hoping that the film translates to where it is. I found it really interesting that those were back-to-back picks and such polar opposite ideas, of the kind of prospect. What were your thoughts when the bills turned in the card for Ducati and promotes?

And that’s a really good point and I think something you guys should really look at is I think the bills, do have a tight… And I hate the term greedy, just because this is a cliche term, but it’s exactly what that is. And just talking over the first three I had Oliver a guy that really played out of position at the nose tackle spot. He’s standing in there, taking blows and he’s standing his ground, code for we know how nasty and the tone sentiments out that he brings to the table now flipping the switch a bit with DOS. And no, I think the gritty aspect of this game comes more as a blocker, and that’s where you see it. And they used them a lot on the back side of concepts and he was on the front side of some running game concepts, but he’s standing in there, he’s fighting and I think he was a much better blocking the way he’s giving credit for and as a receiver, you just have to understand who is a head in.

And he was at the bottom of the totem pole, and they had McFarland to market lies there so you have to understand that he has three really top dogs that had him so he’s not gonna get those looks in that production. That teams were looking for me. He’s never scored a to, in a career which was okay, for me, just because when he does touch the ball, you see the potential that is there with him, and then you have to go back and look at his production and just why it was lacking. The asked me quarter back issues there with Jordan to I don’t think he was one of the better signal callers in the Lenin, he really struggled getting the ball out outside of the hashes? Especially if it wasn’t to a brown and also not really was a decor for a lot of those routes but when they did push the box, and he showed that he could settle down in one coverage and he also can beat man-to-man coverage, so now that he’s gonna take on a bigger role in the bills offense, whether that’s as the number one guy, competing with Tyler Croft or in that number two, role behind him, I think he’s gonna be just fine, now, once he’s able to get in to expand her role now we can see him blossom into what a lot of people thought he could turn into.

Now that’s a great point. They bring up about pushing crop, or even in the tie-in to… Do you think this is a guy that comes in and has immediate impact, or is this a guy that we’re drafting on the potential and that it’s gonna take a little time to develop? We know, rookie tight end, don’t tend to come in and make a huge impact right away. It’s very rare when you see that. Is this a guy that builds Hans may be need to pump the breaks on for 2019, and that he’s more of a long-term, build up a really strong weapon or is this a guy that could come in and really make an impact on this offense starting this year?

I wouldn’t say right away, just because the thing with it is, is that I think a lot of fans feel to realize that of all the positions, especially as rookie they are the one that are trying to learn two positions for on-the-fly, because they’re trying to learn as a receiver, and they’re trying to learn as a run blocker. So that’s essentially two positions in one. And that’s why I think tightens struggle so much to translate into the league. And that’s probably was going to happen with Dawson maybe by week and in a week. 10. it would surprise me if we’re looking up… And he has 10 to 12 catches in the three-week span. That would not surprise me at all. And I think once he gets into a bigger role like he’s gonna be presented in the Buffalo of GIS offense, I think would be just fine down the road.

That’s really awesome. I’m very excited about that PIC again, that was that third round. I was panicking a little bit online when I soak Singletary, and Knox ’cause I was just more my head around and I was going those ways, but then I… We obviously traded up both fourth round, picks were a long weight going into the fourth round there just sitting there, and I think a lot of us were open that they package some of these other pics, ’cause none of us wanted so many picks and move back up. But obviously brand and Beane, stands Pat does not get all crazy. Like all fans wanted to as some of these bigger name-wide receivers are kind of falling. Everybody wants them to go up and get a butler they don’t do it, they stand pat and I think they got the guy that I’m gonna probably gonna fall in love with the most here and Camp. I love guys like this boon. Joseph falls to the bills. I think he’s a guy that fits a need. We were looking in all of our mock drafts for different line backers. That would be a good fit. And this guy, I passed right over and I missed them in the pre-draft process, but now that I watch in post-“drap I think everything that bills wanted to bring it into this more modern NFL linebacker, core that they have of these super-fast physical freaks.

What have you seen from motion? And Joseph? And should I pump the breaks a little bit on my exit?

I don’t know, and I think he’s gonna end up being a good player and one thing about what I am Jose to that you can run.

That’s what I love about him. And the bills definitely do have a tight… At that position, we saw with remain image last year and how well he tested at the coin and the one thing that we knew about admins, is that he had the versatility and he also had the speed that they were looking for, but he just kind of lacked instincts. But I think as the year went along, I think he got so much better with the more reps that he saw, and I think that’s gonna be the same case with votes depending on where they do play him and I think he’s probably gonna be best at that wheel line backer spot, that’s probably where he will end up at just because I don’t think he’s big enough to hold up on the strong side at that same line backer spot, so cute at will and he has coverage, she has covered ability, which I love. You have to be able to have at that wheel, spot, especially if he’s gonna be that third line back or even the second line background the field, depending on what type of defensive friend that they wanna run. So, I love Goshen to is. I was a huge fan of him. I think I had an early fourth-round grade one. So, he went right in the range that he was supposed to go in and I think they definitely got a steal at this point. It’s just a matter of you just have to be patient with them. And I will say that just because his instincts isn’t there all the way, but just like, even as he continues to get more reps and as the season progresses along, and he starts to see the picture a bit more, I think, it’s gonna slow down for them once we get… So maybe like the last four weeks of the year, I think that’s probably when the light will begin to click for him.

That’s what I’ve been for Alan to right? Oh yeah, for the key for him is very similar to Devon Singletary, you have single. Terry gets the mentor behind Frank Gore and lemon. What better can you ask for, for Ocean josip? Then go hang out and follow Lorenzen all around the bills facility, whatever he does do that. And then year on, he’s kind of a human missile just trying to run around and hit stuff, let him do that on special teams, “let he far will run with him, let both on Jose a good contributing player if we get into some really late in the year or some big coverage packages where you want him out there, he kind of fits the mold of that big nice what they did with Rachel Bush last year, maybe he can be on the field in some of those situations, but we don’t need him to play any line of scrimmage. line backer this year and less sort of an injury, so that’s great. I think it’s really nice to be able to ease him in with a mentor, like Lorenzo Alexander just to watch and learn. And then Aaron touched down the idea long term of a modern NFL line-backing core of Matt Milano, Tremaine admins and ‘boson Joseph man, that’s a lot of speed and that’s exciting to see in their nasty too. They’re not just a in turn on with… Yeah, and to add to your point, Greg of Laurence Alexander. One thing that I always talk about when I here any additions to line back in court is Bob Babbage.

I think he is one of the best in the business at coaching linebackers he’s coached all Famers, he’s coached up great units and that was feminine. Moving to middle linebacker. I didn’t have a ton of concern because I knew Bob Babbage was in his ear the whole year to help him make that progression and you get Bob Ave, sign off on this pick. I think that he knows what he can turn this line back or into and that to be exciting for all Bills fans, we have a very good line-backer, coach, and those guys don’t always get enough credit. You talk about the coordinators and things like that. Babbage could probably go off and be a coordinator somewhere, but he’s just stayed as a linebacker, coaches. OCR just knows his lane and he stays in it, and we’re lucky to have him.

So then let’s move on begin round 6, pick 181. and again, this was a guy I didn’t really know a lot about. I figured we would walk away from this draft with a corner back. I feel like you have to at least take a corner back and every draft just because of the position. It’s a passing league, guys go down.

You really need to find guys that can just stick and play. A lot of these guys can do really good on special teams. They’ve done it in the past bills, take to Quan Johnson Mian another quarter. Back to safety, sorry.

But do you think that you can play up on the line a little bit like that, too? What do you think out of him? I didn’t really have much on him going into the draft. I watch a little bit after him. There’s some exciting stuff there were. Were you out with him?

I think it’ll probably be a special teams guy for the most part, but he’s that back of the end. Death that you’re looking for. And I thought he performed pretty poor at the cone for the most part, I thought he showed to be a bit faster on field and what he ran at the combined, I think he ran high for 6S at the combat was just kind of surprising to me. I thought it was a little bit faster than that on tape, but he’s your typical strong safety type of mode. I don’t think he can play on the roof of the defense or anything like that, but if he’s a third or even fourth safety, I think you’d be just fine now, he’s not a coward or anything like that, coming up and run support, I think that’s really where he really excels but if you ask him, he to hold up in man coverage or anything like that, that’s really where he struggles just because it doesn’t have the twitch and athleticism to hold up in that area.

If you just ask him to as specific zone, I think I’ll be able to do that. Just find Bova. I think special change is really where he’s gonna have to carve out his role, the most, especially early on in his career, especially if he wants to make this team as well.

George question on him. I’m similar to Aaron. I was a big fan of ‘boson Joseph and liked him coming in, but I had no where a radar did I have on John said to look at it from a lot of things I read it sounded like some folks had him last year as a much higher graded prospect and some people thinking last year he was in some early 2019. Mox is a late first round pick and a potential top day, one day, two kind of guy, and then all of a sudden this year doesn’t go as well. He doesn’t test as well.

I’m kind of trying to tell myself maybe they got a diamond in the rough, or someone who could reclaim some of that early success. Is there anything you notice or, or was on your radar as far as why I… He was, he exposed was it what he was asked to do in the defense? Just a rough year, but why it fell off from the kind of potential some people saw it was a combination of a lot of things and he was bad on a hamstring injury last year, and I think that was one of the biggest reasons why he just didn’t look, as fast as a year ago, and I think he actually was battling that at the company too, so that might have been a reason why he didn’t run as fast, but he just didn’t look like that same guy on tape as he did in 2017. so that really is a big reason why now he’s a tackling machine, I think he’s had like 80-90 plus tales every year at Miami so he’s… That is gonna be able to come in and insert to the box. If you’re asking him to do that, but as far as being able to hold it and coverage, he’s not gonna be able to do that that’s really not as for Tello where he excels. So I was a fan of him coming into the year, but he just didn’t look like that same guy. And you could tell that the hamstring injury was really affected it.

Yeah, I talk that. I think you nailed it with care, role on special teams. That was an issue for the bills here. The last couple of years is consistent teams. Put them at a gun role and let the car out a role. And if you can stick on the roster just doing that great. And if, like you said, is a depth safety moving forward, even better ironic, just for fans. I know a lot of draft guys have different ideas of what fan should expect that of say, the pick one through ten, so on and so forth around to… Would you start to get to this point in the draft? What are your expectations as a draft Guy of where these guys’ careers should be projected?

We’re just talking about fits six, seventh round guys.

Well, I think those type of guys you really wanna take a chance on the high side at it. I wanna say how outside of the athletic guys that really tested off the charts at the Conway they didn’t have the stats to back it up, or if they’re just coming from a small school and they may be a look or just under-recruited for the most part. So even the guy like we’re gonna talk about here in the second deal Johnson, who I’m a huge fan of tested off the charts and his pro-day. And a lot of people didn’t really notice that just because it comes from a smaller school, and he’s a guy that really was under recruited, coming out as well. So in these late rounds, I just call them lottery tickets. You really don’t know was gonna come out of them. So you’re taking these really overly athletic-type of guys that’s what you see a lot of times. And there’s been plenty of teams around the league that took these upper seine guys that test it in the 90 plus percent in a lot of categories. And you’re just trying to hit on guys, this late.

So talk about that event on. We got two picks, guy have never actually heard it the name. And I didn’t even know the school existed, to be totally honest, with Yo. I did a Johnson. I look in my bra, quick real Bend guy. Kinda like you said, you know this guy really well, tell us how you know him and what Bill’s hand should expect that of this piece. There’s not a lot of video out there for Bill as to go check it out, so we’re relying on you for this information.

So when I was coaching in my time at a small school car in North Carolina Centre, not “Colina ants actually our arrival. So I know a lot of background about Daron. I saw him grow up from when he was a puppy, when he was a freshman, back when he was a 65-200 pound “fenian being a 65-250 pound defensive end. So I’m very familiar with him. I’ve had the game plan. It gets them before so I know exactly what he brings to the table. He was the rain conference Defensive Player of the Year, and he’s hella player. The thing that you have to understand about them is that is these very light right now. I don’t even think, even though I think he weighed in at 053 pounds I don’t think so, at Around 245 pounds. So, he’s probably a guy that’s gonna spend some time on the practice squad if they do end up getting him through there. But what you notice about him is that his Twitch up the field he is fantastic as far as an edge rusher of the field, is very raw with his hands as far as having moves or anything of that sort, he’s very for… To that, and he’s just able to out athlete, a lot of the offensive tackles that he did go up against in the division. 1 A… But when you go back and you watch them against some upper type of talent. East Carolina, he was off the chart. Jacksonville State is another game where he was outstanding as well. So even when they make those step up and competition, I think he brought a lot to the party. And that’s what makes Deron so intriguing. And it wouldn’t surprise me if we’re looking at two to three years from now. He’s a 265, to in a 7-0 guy and maybe he could be that second or third defensive end at the middle tier of the depth to… That wouldn’t surprise me at all, but… And I’m not just voting for the guy because I have some familiarity with them, but I think he’s a really good player.

It’s interesting, you don’t often see guys at the FCS level, leave early like that, and be able to come out and then especially that’s not normally in the MO of the bills, that’s not something we’ve seen a lot. Historically, we did see a few more this year that we’re under classmen but that combo of someone who wasn’t at the… Was it in a lot of the SEN… Your bowl? East-West Shrine game kind of games wasn’t someone that was on a tenor came out early so that you can really tell. They must have bought in on the film that they saw whatever. I’m not sure if they had some sneaky visits down there when they’re running through the southeast area to be able to get some some stuff on their radar, but I agree completely and the…

I don’t know that I expect him to make the 53. I think that might be a little bit of a stretch of a guy coming out that early, but I’d love to be able to sneak him onto the practice squad, and then let him develop. Get a year in a weight room, get a year in an NFL nutrition system, you sit there and just study. Jerry hugs all day, who is also six 3-2-5-5.Just sit there and watch him and pick him apart, and then maybe then he’s ready to contribute next year. Similar to kind of the path and E-R Brook with the bills and coming from a smaller school, first on the practice squad. Earning a spot on to the team developing his way up. I could see Johnson taking a very similar path, the deity. And I just wanna give a quick set up, because it’s my former job, but I’m not vouching for it, again or anything. But he came from the same school is to recall.

So a lot of things were really stopping through there and the conference. I think there’s a lot of hidden talent in days liner. That’s another name that came out of the conference that Deron son played in last year at South Carolina State. So the media conference really has a lot of talent. I think it’s just hidden and dares “langurs like to recon or another name that really paved the way for that conference, and “Darlaston is hopefully he can be the next name I-E, there, and I think he doesn’t have as much upside as those guys, but I think he has a lot of talent that can eventually land him on a 53 minute roster, whether that’s two to three years down the road, or whenever I think he definitely does have a chance.

It is crazy how that all it takes is one or two guys to really make people start paying attention to some of those hidden talent schools. But I was gonna bring up the coin. That must have been fun to watch him, live before anybody knew his name. ’cause I talk about over athletic free beetham. We bet on three times, he had… That’s right, and it re…

No, he only had 80 yards that was his career high against is… We were the only school that I was ever able to shut them down. He was an amazing player. Well, I won’t tell my brother, who was a Paris man, but I move over to the the last seventh round pick, again so I was… We talked a lot about Titans all this draft, we knew we were gonna walk away with somebody, I think we kinda had these tears of, obviously at the top three, who as a Minnesota Vikings and got my draft crash on her Smith. We’re not gonna talk about that, but we talked about those top three guys and then there was this just kind of mix of guys, who were just all kind of the same, but a name that wasn’t in that mix of guys, as Tommy Sweeney a guy I’ve never heard of here. It comes from Boston College, there’s no more like South Boston name than Tommy, sweety?

In a estate.

He sugars at a Boston Bar who is this guy. Is this a guy that we’re just gonna kinda laugh about it? This podcast and never hear about again or is this a guy that could hang out on a practice squad and make his name in the NFL in some, in regard don’t be shocked. The surprise of you guys as training camp and I say that because like dance was another name that was hidden within the scheme. And the first thing that you think about with Boston College is just a tough hard nose running game. And his talent wasn’t able to be explored in that offense, but when he did touch the ball, I thought he had, he was phenomenal. And just go back and watch them against Clemson.

I think that was one game where he had a couple of catches to where it really was able to show off his ability, but when he did touch the ball, I think he’s a much more talented receiver than giving credit for it, but he just wasn’t able to be able to show off in that offense, because it was the ideal and show.

And that’s the running back there that has a million yards in that often. So he was mainly used as a blocker, for the most part, but now if he’s able to be exploded as it flexed outside in or an inline guy, I think he’s a guy that could flourish as far as some underneath routes or even being the “decolonisation able to sneak out of the back door on some of those under Detroit. I think he’s, He’s your ideal number three, Titan. I think that’s a role he definitely could serve for the beans.

Yeah, I think I’ve heard some comments that he’s gonna be a very lean participant on special teams that some people commented, he might have had the best hands at the senior bowl.

So, I know miler is obviously a big fan of Jo. Salon and he was talking about that, that when you have a quarterback or whose through an 95-mile an hour heaters over the middle, you want a big strong target with good strong hands to be able to bring those in. And then, I’ve heard a couple of people make that same comment that you did that… Don’t be so quick to assume Sweeney might be a practice squad target that when you have a guy who’s a willing blocker. Who’s a willing special team’s participant who has good trusted hands those are guys who catch coaches’ attention and might snag that 52 53rd spot. And then if anything, if anybody is upset about this traffic, it’s Jake Fisher, who is the project coming over from Cincinnati, trying to transition from offensive tackle, to blocking tight end and taking a second tight end late in the 7th with a guy like Tommy Sweeney that was certainly a tough shot to the bow of his chances of the roster. In my mind, I…

I think that… See, slots in there. Last year, we had similar thoughts where people didn’t think we were gonna keep Aramco or… So at that point, Robert Foster, was an undrafted guy. That they’re careful about not exposing guys to the practice squad pick up for other teams that if Tommy Sweeney makes a name for himself here, I could see him maybe having a better shot of the active roster, than some fans might think.

Yeah, no, absolutely, here. I know you gotta get run in here, you got a show to get to. One thing I wanna talk to you about it. And I wasn’t really thinking about asking you this, but as we went through this list and talked about these different prospects come in theme kinda kept coming up. And as a guy that Scouts a lot of college and does this all the time, “what are your thoughts on a lot of these guys, not fitting schemes in college or not, getting the most out of guys that are clearly NFL potential players do you think that’s a disservice to the players? And the coaches are too stuck in their ways and not getting the most out of these guys in really to me college programs are all about preparing these guys for the NFL. And if you have an NFL caliber player, you gotta find ways to get him the ball and involved and really bring his stock up because that’s gonna help recruiting, and so on and so forth.

Where is this this service coming from, who’s kind of at all what… What are you seeing in this thing that we’re talking about?

I think the biggest difference that we’re seeing now, between NFL coaching and college football coaching, is that college football is all about winning games. They don’t really care about getting these kids to the next level, just because they’re all about themselves. And I’m speaking from personal experience, because I have seen it before, in this, an ego-driven type of industry, and every coach sees a job as a stepping stone unless you’re at Alabama or Clemson or Georgia, that’s all about getting the next job. And that’s what we were seeing with these had coaches. And the example that I always use is Jester.

Everyone knows that he wasn’t a fit at all, and that offense but… ’cause my son still stuck to his ways like Cam note was to operating that offense and he’s running them basically into the ground, even though he’s not a running style type of quarterback and he just never adjusted his scheme to JES did him and try to make it fit around him instead. It was a my way or high or is my way or the highway, type of approach and that’s what you get a lot with these college coaches. So now it’s really making it hard to evaluate a lot of these players coming into the draft and we’ve seen a lot of examples, even you guys pick with Oliver S another prime example. There’s no way that it should have been playing head up nose type at all, just because he’s just not gonna survive and there, but he still was able to do it somehow, and that do in that really shows his character, even though a lot of people have character questions about him because of that whole sideline. jacket fiasco was really sing like it was five years ago, come now since he’s a top ten pick it.

College coaches are just gonna do whatever is in their best interest, and they don’t really necessarily care about the player. So, It clouds a lot of judgments about these players and you really have to isolate the player from the scheme which I think really takes a special talent to do and it’s something that a lot of evaluators are starting to evolve and gravitate towards over the years, but it’s just an ego-driven league, and it’s really hard to decipher some of these players and just what they do well, and separate them from the scheme that they’re currently running.

Absolutely, that is a great answer to a very complex question I’m sure we could have a whole episode on that topic alone, real quick. I know you gotta get run in here before you sign off. Give us a grade what do you think the bills go out, of the draft where you would grade their whole draft and then tell fans where we can find you in what to look for?

Oh, it was a hit that question to me. This was one of my top five favorite “drasti and I… I’m actually talking about this on my podcast tomorrow and I actually bring up the bills and I thought it was really funny how some of these teams, what’s the best way to put it? They replicated the identity that they want their team to be. And some of the examples I use were the Ravens. They really wanna build speed the bills, they wanna have a blue collar tough hard-nosed team. And there’s a lot of other prime examples, too, like the Detroit Lions. There are another team that really wants to take a safe players and the… A lot of things that really gave off their identity of who they want to be? And I thought the bills really did that. They got players that are very mature and they just show up and they do their job. So with Cody forward with Ed Oliver with demon secretary to a Knox guys of that sort, you know, they’re very safe, but they’re gonna come in, they’re gonna give you every single thing that they got in the… And with Ed, Oliver, you saw that on this film, there was no question that he did take plays off there was never a question about his effort code for it, there was never a question about his effort devising Terry, the stats speak for themselves, and he never tired out they call her motor for a reason, just because he just has an endless motor, and then with DOA us, even though his lack of production he still came up to play every single week. So you’re getting these guys that never complain, they just show up on Saturdays, or a game day, and they just did their jobs. That’s what I like the most about the builds. Drive class, and even the back end guys she just of another guy that has upside on Jansen a time, be sweet an extent. So I don’t think, I don’t wanna say there’s any in this class, ’cause they’re gonna have misses in every single drive class, but I think when we’re looking at this drive class three to four years from now, I think there’s gonna be a very high hit rate, because they have a lot of guys that have a high floor in this draft class.

That’s an awesome… So where can the people find you and What do you got going on? And then, I know you gotta get it run in here.

Yeah, so you can find me, of course, that cover one dot net. I’m actually doing a running series right now called General Manager speak or I’ve just looked at every single press conference across the league, and I’m taking three or four quotes that they have said, and what stuck out to me and also my actual analysis on that and the recap of each draft class as well. I know I have the San Francisco 49ers the Jets and also the Cardinals already up and then the raiders will be on Wednesday, so I make sure to be one to look out for that. Climbing the pocket dot com, you can find my work going on there as well. Also, the draft board podcast and like I said, the next episode will be up tomorrow, so just make sure to be on the look out for that. Also, you can find me on Twitter at J-read in a file that’s at J-R-E-I-D in the fall and make sure, you be one to look out for that.

Awesome man, we really appreciate you coming out and spending some time with us here.

Thank you for having me, guys, awesome work to think sort.

Thanks, as always, alright, man, it’s just me and you and I do it. The nitty-gritty here in a second as we get into a first again to thank Jordan just an awesome job for anybody who didn’t have a chance to see it.

His draft guide was out of this world, just unbelievable depth. 400 plus prospects everyone who was out there, like I said, to the guy, he knew Daryl Johnson because he coached against him, he he has an in-depth knowledge and understanding these prospects, that’s just unbelievable. So I just really appreciate the time that he put into that and when he’s able to get on here and talk like that, it’s because he put in that work, and he put in everything ahead of time. So, I there, same thing, Russell and Christian and the rest of the guys didn’t awesome job coming into there. For anyone who has an the chance or make sure you do check out, cover one done a lot of really good things going on. Aaron and I spend far too much time in the premium channel, Slack to be able to go in debate, and argue it and talk about what’s going on. And one of those topics that did monopolize a lot of our time on Twitter today was getting into the undrafted free agents and where those come in. What were your thoughts after the draft and what I always forget every year you wrap up the draft, and I forget exactly how frantic it gets, but Twitter inside a better hysterical and made for moments like this when everyone’s scrambling to call the other guys in the next hour after the draft. And what was your thoughts and some of the names that came aboard.

Yeah, to the “frantic-ness. I actually took the seventh round off, I decided to stop ignoring my family for the entire week and so I went out and did some stuff in seventh round because I knew I wanted to get back for the frantic Twitter undrafted free in finding who’s come in, see and all that craziness. Obviously, the first of the board in the undrafted sees immediately assume that last pick is turned in to reach Acton to the bills on drafter for agent.

You be fans go not.

I’ve heard way too much about Harry Jackson leading up to the draft.

I’m gonna rant just first I… And here on this because it’s nothing against Harry Jackson, I think he’s probably a great dude, he’s a fine guy. I had heard a lot about him getting compared to Josh all and I heard a lot of people complaining about him, not getting the respect because he was such a close candidate to date in the process of the draft process, that it wasn’t fair that Josh Allen was a first round pick and this guy they were talking maybe a fifth round pick at the time and so I went back and looked at four games of his and I immediately was like, “Oh yeah, no, this guy is not Josh Allen pick he’s not, he’s got so much that he needs work on that. It’s not funny, I didn’t think that he was a draft-able guy for the bills.

I know some fans wanted that as a prospect anyways, long story short… Bills end up getting him, and this is something that I’m waiting your opinion on too because we talked about that a lot.

The bills have a quarterback situation that is very interesting. They have Josh Alan. Obviously, the guy that they’ve invested every single possible asset that they’ve acquired is to make his life better, in this all-important year. Two of his progression year two, I think is the biggest important year in the progression of a young quarterback.

So they bring in a… Partly, they bring him back, obviously a solid and IFL. Back up in case of emergency, and you have to plan a… He’s proven that he can do that for the bills, he’s not gonna disrupt anything and push Josh Allen, he’s only gonna be a support system for him.

They bring back there, Anderson, and this is, this is something that we talked a lot about. arcades is a guy that is not here to play football games, he’s not here to take as in 2019, he is solely here for the purpose of being supports to Josh out in the locker room. And a lot of people say, “Why can’t you just be a coach?

Well the money is obviously one thing and you can touch on that a little bit more in the details. And then really the thing that I think is the biggest one is there’s things that coaches do that play or the things that players do that coaches can’t do.

Guys, as silly as it sounds, on a professional level, they’re not scared to ask other players questions that they’re scared to ask coaches, or talk to coaches about, they’re not scared.

There’s a meetings and stuff that the coaches are in where the players are, there’s just a bond between players that doesn’t exist with coaches. And I think ultimately, people can’t quantify that in their minds, and I think ultimately that is why there Anderson is here, yes, we know he’s not a very good football player, but by levitation he’s a guy that’s a solid guy, in the phone. Rome’s a solid human being. He’s a guy that Josh how can lean on? He’s seeing a lot of things.

And I think at the million dollar price tag that he’s gone in the 7000 CAPE it’s in a valuable piece to shame German and bring a being to have darker in here and I’d love your thoughts on it ’cause I need to drink a wash.Yeah, and again, the same way you said I wanna be respectful to the fact that rejection was done a disservice. Whoever told him he should go into the draft this year, that young man and damaged his potential future opportunities when he was in the transfer portal could have gone to a bigger school, to be surrounded by SEC talent or whatever it was, going to be, or Oklahoma Lincoln Riley offense and that surrounding talent, he was done a disservice. This is not a degradation of him as a person or a player, I see the glimmer of hope that some people did. I see the very brief glimpses of Josh Allen and one or two throws, but nowhere near the prospect that he was like you touched on, so then I’m okay with the idea that if everything pans out perfect, maybe he can earn a practice squad spot, but he wasn’t drafted this past weekend, three days ago. All the fans on Twitter, they get excited about how tire Jackson is some kind of roster lock. Three days ago, 256 NFL players were drafted out of college, none of them were named to re-Jackson. That’s for a reason.

So you come into a spot where like you touched on every single move we’ve made this entire off season is centered around how can we make Josh on as talented and to do as well as you can. I touched out a couple of weeks ago.

It’s very rare for an NFL quarterback room, to have three guys who all have the same goal of How can we make Josh Allen look good? Most… No quarter back rooms have a guy waiting for their turn hoping the OHA trip walking out of the room and twist wrinkle. So I get to start. Everybody has their own agenda, their own goal of getting to their time and their shot. It’s very rare to have guys who have gone through some of those moments in their career and that Matt “marland Derrick Anderson have no delusions of grandeur, they’re the guy they are fully invested in making Joan, the best quarter rice can be.

Now, if it works out that TI rejects on makes the practice squad and can sit in the back of the room is the fourth quarter back to absorb that, while Derek Anderson and met Marler helping Johan break down game film, and set up opponent game plans and work through those challenges of a second-year quarterback.

That’s great, but anything that happens in 2019 there isn’t solely focused on making Josh Hall, and the best quarter back can be does not help the team and there’s no long-term prospect, it’s not like we stumbled into… I’m trying to find an example it’s not like we stumbled into just being undrafted or that we stumbled into Daniel Jones being undrafted, and like, “Hey we might really have something here. This is crazy not to hold on to that talent to re-exon. Didn’t get drafted.

He didn’t, he is not anything special, he’s a very low likelihood of ever working out and I’m okay with that. If we hang on to them for the chance that some people made some points of… I get that there’s a benefit of Josh Allens plain style and “tarja son’s plain style, not having to change the offense down the line. If somebody comes in after an injury.

Sure, that sounds lovely. I don’t know that he’s ever gonna reach that point where he can be a back-up quarterback. In NFL, but I’m open to it. And I don’t want anything in that room that isn’t solely focused on Josh, and being the best quarterback, he can be. So yeah, you and I spent two hours. I think debating that with people on Twitter today, and sadly I’m sure it’s not the last of it, the… No, in a talking about some… We’ll talk about it at all summer. And to your point though, and I agree in theory of the two quarterbacks that are in the same… You can roll it out.

Hire Jackson isn’t that? And the reason he’s not that is he, I think, he’s a couple of years away from even being considered that because you’re still gonna have to change the offensive. He comes in. They ran a super Vena often a UB and he still had trouble reading the field and reading his cues and so I even if he comes in, Yeah, he’s got the size and athleticism that Alan has but you’re gonna really have to dumb down the offense from where with the Met Arce. You don’t have to dumb anything down. Yeah, maybe you have to change, you’re not gonna run a bunch of CB draw. Is there anything crazy like that? And you have to really pick your place to suit apparel you’re not gonna be dumb anything down and you don’t have to make simple reads for him, he knows I felt defenses and he can make those read. So I don’t think that the argument has a tonal legitimacy.

Again, we don’t wanna spend too much time on this, ’cause they’re really about the draft class but it is something that I think a lot of people don’t understand. A lot of comments. I was again in… There’s just let derided at… And let him be a coach. And I think that people need understand there’s a big difference between what coaches do, and what the players do, and talk about with themselves. So tire Jackson, though, I wish I lock. I think he’s a perfect candidate to be on a practice squad and at the traits he has done some great things at the college level, he has a lot to work on from his stride to his mechanics to his ability to read defenses. That is what the practice squads, there for his guys that have a lot of traits, but haven’t been able to put the whole packet together. So I think he’s got that.

You look at the rest of this list.

Yeah, there’s an exciting name, I’m there. What do you like?

There were a couple of names that came out there. I do think it was logical. We brought in a kicker is kind of back-end just in case insurance in case is a lot of balls gangway Hey, I like them in the Gothic house goes back acted up at the end of last year. That makes people nervous, so I’m totally fine with that.

I find that we didn’t bring in upon her ’cause we have Cory versus Corry “pontoise 2019 going on the player that got everybody’s attention was wide receiver. David sells out of West Virginia someone that virtually every draft analyst, I’ve seen had draft-able great on some as high as late third, early fourth round.

He was a guy who was many people remember, he was the quarterback that everybody made a big deal out of the 13 years old, Lane Kiffin offered him a scholarship to USC, he ended up changing position to wide receiver later in high school, went into West Virginia had one year where he led all of college football and receive in touch stones had a ton of production. Is a smooth athlete who high points, the ball really well, is really good at jump balls in the endzone.

I didn’t test off the charts, but tested reasonably well, maybe some continued physical development needed from A an N-body standpoint to get into that long-term sustainable model but a player that as far as under-after free agents go I think he steps in with a very legitimate chance. I put it with him, Duke Williams in Isaiah McKenzie the three of them battling for that wide receiver, six spot. I think that he’s got as good a chance as anybody be able to snag one of those positions and really from a rare undrafted free standpoint has a really good chance to make this roster. I put it at 40% SAS 40% Duke Williams and 20% a McKenzie. Just because, I think “Gulati translate on special teams a little bit better. I might give him the edge today but from a receiver standpoint, I think sales is already better.

Yeah, I do. Things sells is a better wide receiver, option. Obviously, you’ve gotta be able to stick on teams. I don’t really know what to expect that at Duke Williams, and I think you, I should really consider him as in the same category as a really undrafted free agent tight player, even though he’s not, I think he fits in that clump of guys that are in trying to make this roster I think fans maybe think of it a little bit higher because he had brought in in that really slow time when the season’s over, and then there’s nothing to talk about. And then you may be over-talk about Duke Williams, and you see what you did in the CFC is not even the ACC to be honest. So, what still did is more impressive and I was surprised he was available and drafted once we started getting on the fifth round we were in the premium Slack challenge we were talking about. Hey, who do we want? Again, I… And it was like a still there, and as a draft on one’s still there. And he chooses Buffalo, and I think that that was a good choice for him, I really do, think he can compete for that last wide receive her spot. So that’s an interesting one.

We didn’t get a lot of offensive linemen which usually see two or three of those guys. We had so much offensive line and on free agency, and then we dressed it again in this draft. That doesn’t bother me. They bring in Blake hands, okay. Maybe he could come something. Maybe it’s a practice, why a guy who knows where I think is interesting that they brought in and they were trying to bring in even more guys. We know that is the line-backer position. So I think it’s really good to keep an eye on some of these guys and Tarleton is a guy that fans should really keep their eyes on and foggy is light as well. I really like his last name, but these guys are guys to keep and I… Because they are gonna be special teams, contributors and they are looking to add to this line backer room. So I really think that those guys have a shot at crack in the 53 or really stick into the practice. What would you see it of that?

Yeah, I one of it, the wide receiver that I didn’t get any attention was one that Eric and I had touched on quite a bit earlier in the year he brought up to my attention, ’cause we were joking about what a clone… He was to cold Beasley and that’s Iowa receiver Nick easily. So I actually think Nick easily has a real good shot at practice squad, and literally just hand Coombes go follow him around, hopefully we can hide them there for maybe two years and then he can step in and be the next guy up to replace that. To be able to just be able to step in and be the kind of player that can translate in that skill set. He has incredibly quick hands, and incredibly quick feet, in and out of breaks, really similar to call Beasley that, I think he’s got a long-term potential with probably no real shot at the 2019 roster, but a guy I’d love to see on the practice squad. And then I think the one you touch on, I can’t tell how much is ’cause I like the name “Foggy and how much is ’cause he might be able to help on special teams, but I think he’s got a shot as well.

Yeah, I do like that’s in a little better at the line-backer position. I do think, all the positions. Linebacker, is the guy that may be able to really stick on this roster? Because after those top guys, there’s really not anything great at the line-backer, position, they’re gonna need some depth that they’re gonna need some guys that are gonna be able to come in and contribute on special teams, and I don’t know that we have a lot of that right now. So if I’m looking at this list right now and thinking to guys that are really considering to make this roster in 2019 outside of practice got… I like what you have to say about easy but I think he is totally prime to be a practice while I think what no chance on the restaurant. Yeah, I think fanciful in love with them.

Oh yeah, oh I need to be a… He’s gonna be a training camp in practice pre-season game. Favorite… Yeah, for sure. And I think things like that, but I definitely see him as a practice squad guy, I think, is probably is not gonna make your practice squad, if he doesn’t make the team. I think that just his college experience alone, that if he doesn’t make the team, I just can’t see him clearing waivers so that might be a reason to slide him in over somebody else on the 503, just because you like the potential you like what he shown in camp and you’re just worried that he’s not gonna clear the waiver process and, you don’t wanna give up that asset but I don’t think that you can tuck them in on the practice squad.

But I think the line backers are definitely the guys for me to watch out to be on this team.

Absolutely, yeah, I know we got one question out of tube, the Chair of the channel there so I appreciate everybody’s comments. I think as we get through here now that the dust is settled and that we have the draft prices in place, the undrafted free agents are there. I know between Ryan Tallit and so coach they went through and identified that it looks like we have two Ross response left, and I know the name that keeps getting it attached to the bills. Is zinc the defensive end from Detroit?

He’s done a lot of visits. He went out to Baltimore, he went up to New Orleans, today or yesterday, he was out in Seattle and we got questions, in there. Where is at, there was a report earlier today by Tom Pilar on NFL Network, that said that multiple teams are on waiting for a little bit further info on the shoulder and also that several teams, this is not the bills ’cause we’re not in line for a compensatory pick but the cut-off for compensatory picks is May 7th.

So, I had speculated that maybe their agent is kind of posturing saying, “Hey you guys better hurry up and make an offer. Some of those teams might jump into the fray? After May 7th.

So I think that it was very telling a WR-yesterday, Branden was on there was asked directly about it, and made a couple of comments that… Hey nothing’s finalized, but we’re not, we’re either in one the rout on that market. We’re still seeing how things play in A… And when his first response was… Nothing has finalized there. I know how I like to connect dots and put in my 10 foil hat. That’s the phrasing of someone who has gotten pretty close to finalizing a deal at some point.

So now, that may never translate that may never turn into a deal, but that means that it’s close enough in his mind that he felt he needed to clarify that. Hey nothing’s finalized at this point versus simply dismissing it as no new update there. Nothing going on there. It would have been an easy thing to just completely dismiss out of hand. And the fact that his immediate instinctual response was, There’s nothing finalized there yet, was interesting to me and tells me that there’s still a real opportunity. So whether he actually signs there or not, whether some other team comes in with more money, I’m confident that there’s a standing offer from brand and being right now with Ian’s team, and it’s very team-friendly and it’s very structured with a low guarantee, and incentives and bonus money he can get for games, played and that I’m sure his team is holding out for a little bit more guarantee a little bit more money and it’ll be interesting to being ever budge on that or whether one and his team come back and decide. Hey, this is our best offer we have. But I do think that there still is a real opportunity that they signed him.

Yeah, and I think there’s plenty of tin that they sign. There’s clearly interest nobody’s had in that fact. I think at the time that it’s taking, is real reports. Were that a shoulder isn’t ready that he might not be ready for full strength programs, even till August, so I think there’s a no rush to get a deal done.

They wanna get this other physical. And so now that’s two physicals that teams are waiting on to really check their shoulders, so that’s a real concern there. And when you’re talking about a guy that’s at a position that’s physical, you need to use your hands, shoulders, and things like that, that you’re gonna make any type of substantial investment and then you wanna make sure that that’s legitimately fine and you can get into the strength program with your team in August. So I don’t think branding in any rush would it be great to bring them in short?

And I think that’s totally fine to bring them in and if not, I think the bill are totally confident where they are either way, I think that they feel good. And so and what I took out of that is brand to be in saying, “You know what, if the health checks out? Fantastic, we’d love to have you. If it doesn’t, you start negotiating with Seattle. I’m not gonna get into a bidding war for this guy, but if I would get you great, if not, whatever we’re fine.

I do think one thing, two things, fans are kinda sleeping on on this conversation, and I talked about it a little bit on Twitter. Today is one, I think people are maybe over estimating. What can a brings to this team? I don’t think he’s the guy that puts this team over the top. And the expectations. Padre moved the needle in any real substantial way for me. I think it’s a really nice addition to the line who would compete for a starting job and be a nice rotational past refer guys. I can maybe get you close to a double digits. That guy fantastic, I love that.

But the other thing that people are maybe underestimating is trend Murphy, I think fans. He had a down year, last year, a lot of that was because of the injury in lingered. He had some issues that are often associated declines that can slow down his progress in the early part of the year. I thought he actually did really well, as the year went on. It didn’t always show up on the SACS or state but you always saw him in the back field, as the year went on. I think I’m feeling like, trimmer has a really good chance to have a really break out year in this defense and I think the bills feel that way too. They didn’t give them that money for nothing. I think they really like the player he is and sometimes and not there’s been a lot of cases of these guys coming back from Cal injuries and coming back really strong and having great seasons, but the majority of guys really take a full year after that. It type of injury to get back to where they were, whether it’s just the nutrition their body, other injuries coming up because you’re putting more pressure on other parts of your body, things change after an injury like that. So he’s a full year removed. I am expecting him to get a lot closer to living up to the contract, they gave him… Am I crazy?

Not at all? Well, one, I always like to remind people, people think that he missed some weird amount of games, and I was never there. Terry played 13 games last year, a 13 out of 16. now, that’s not 16.

I would have preferred all 16 games and I know he was on an injury designation multiple times, but he played and did that coming off of an ACL injury? So I still think there’s a lot of opportunity I think it’s very fair to say, “Did we get the full value of what we paid? Rent Murphy, last year. Probably not. That’s a perfectly fine conclusion to take the leap people take as… Oh, that means we need to cut him.

The Bell of those are no longer the site to… Yeah, well we’ve been so trained, of year after year of short-term band-aid crappy contract for crappy contract that every Bills fan, is trained to say, “Let’s look at the roster who is the most palatable cut that we can make. What are the releases we have to make in order to get under the salary cap, we don’t have to do any of that than anything more ready and fixed the salary cap, we are in much better position we don’t need to release people just to get back underneath. So I, I’m probably a little bit higher on “zengi ANSA than you are because he did earn a franchise tag for a reason 14 and a half x 12 x 48. career sex. We don’t have anybody outside of jury has with none of the rest of our guys are in that realm. So, I if healthy, I think he’s a material upgrade over shack was on and Trent Murphy, but he’s probably not and Jerry huge level so, that rotational guy, maybe he plays a few more snaps than what Murphy or shack lass, and do, but he’d be in that rotation.

And I know some people in the chat we’re talking about, “Oh if we traded for a guy or if we signed on, it’s a great week and release Trent Murphy remember we need for defense events for Defence ends play every game, they all rotate all of them play 30% or more of the snaps almost none of them play over 60% of the snaps it is a rotation. We need four guys who can contribute. I want, again, as the fourth guy to add in with Murphy hues and check Lawson to be able to rotate in there to do that, so yeah, I don’t see any chance to… Murphy is cut this year. If he has a rougher health-wise, again or doesn’t meet expectations, then we can get into that discussion. Going into 2020. well, I think there’s an out in his contract there is one. So that would be… That is why they build those in to get out. If he doesn’t live up to the contract by then for sure he’s a gunner. And I agree with you, if they bring in an… So it’s an arbor, who’s out, not in the IT so her… Yeah, that I had not making it. That means that deal Johnson’s on the practice in A… And I’m all for a scenario where that it plays out and I agree with you that the potential of a giant… He, if he LIS much greater than starting “tranmere and I’d love to see him with Jeremy saying I’m seeing a lot on Twitter, of people so we… The one that I like, Oh we’re ready to go out on.

He’s not the kind of guy that’s gonna… So he’s not the CEO. mackensen. Are you make a great analogy with the bars all the time? And that was their finishing move, and that I think Ron might be in the chat, I haven’t seen him here, he hasn’t remind to me yet today that the bill should go out and trade for Juan cloud. But usually he reminds me every day I see it. Not from Ron.

Yeah, so now that is a CEO Mac level finishing move, and say, “Hey that’s our big final piece.

So not that Zaria nice signing Ziggy “anse is a tie and see level signing.

Like a nice should be a good starter that’s great. He’s not a finishing move, for anything, but I still take them.

He’s better than an e-r, Browne later. I’ll take them and I want a lot of times at…

I see A-A-A-A.

I want signs on it that I… And I want people to know that when we get ticking on said Don’t start ordering your play off to get play it, but anything else that we wanna touch on here before we wrap this up for the evening? Where… What else when they thought to… Yeah, one you ask the same question to Jordan, so I’m gonna put it to you and then I’ll give you my answer. What is your grade for the bills? Overall draft undrafted free agents all EPICS, the trades, they made. What was your overall grade? I’ve seen a lot of very favorable ones. I put out that I retweeted one of the memes, out there, the shocked face of the Bills fans not used to all this positive feedback and support and people grading them and several people picking them as the best draft overall, where do things shake out for you?

So I’m gonna get all the home or no matter what I do, anyway in Twitter, I I’m gonna go to A minus is where I’m at with them and the one reason I give them the minus is really, really… One thing is I didn’t want the amount of picks that they walked away that really wanted them to move up again, maybe back up into the fourth where they didn’t have a pig, and I was a little upset still, even though we got some in on drafter for agency, I’m with a lot of Twitter in that there were some wide receivers that I liked, and I know that they said that wasn’t on their board at the time, but there were some guys that I felt that maybe that was a more of a position of need. Then we addressed and I know Dale Dunstan may be able to be a good practice guide, guy on the road or time Sweeney. But just on the surface, just walking away with those two even from picks, I would have liked to have packaged something a little sooner.

I walked away with maybe a little less. So that’s where I’m at, it with an A minus. But having kept all the pics, I like all the pick where they did draft so I’m not still in May as sure. And I actually had put one of those messages out there for a lot of fans if we had drafted David sills and undrafted free agent signed, “Daro Johnson. There are people who would have been so much happier, and it doesn’t really matter. Now, the seventh round pick, versus an “undirected-free agent has no actual bearing on likelihood of making the roster Long-Term Contract ramifications contract control, all those things are incredibly similar for an undrafted free agent, and a seventh run pick.

But I know a lot of people would have felt better if David sills was technically in the draft class and Daryl Johnson was the signing that took place afterwards. So just the semantics of that I think could have made people a little bit happier.

Like you said, I try to be reasonable. And instead of an A plus plus with four pluses I dated back to just an A plus plus plus, with three pluses.

The only reason that I wasn’t over the moon is I really had my mind set that we were about to take Chase winch with that 74th pick, or that we were gonna trade up from 74 to 64, and snag DK Metcalf.

I thought those were two Top 40 level players that were still there that we could have gotten. Now I’ve come around from a… That was fairly upset for a minute there. I’ve come around as I’ve talked to be led Jordan and Eric and others who really break down the film and have helped me embrace how good Devin Singletary, could be down the line.

But I did have my mind on a couple of people, and I know as you and I did a dozen mock drafts, I kept saying how important that 74th pick, was and how I felt we were gonna get a really talented guy to fall to us, and the fact that you saw some of those names, like how Ken Butler, and Kelvin, Armin and case won a bitch and jail and Ferguson also a ten, so, A and Terry Moran, who went right afterwards, and some of those names sitting there that I felt like Devin Singletary was a luxury pick, and that we could have hit one more home run. Now I also made the comment that there is no scenario where your first two picks without giving up anything substantial were at Oliver and Cody Ford, where that’s not a grand slam, of a draft, it just is. We got exceptional value at two critical need positions for really talented to top 15… Top 20 players, probably a top three player, and then a top 15 20 player at 9 and 38. that’s a win in any book.

But I thought we couldn’t maybe hit a third home run with that pick. And I think Devon on guitar is a nice pick that we’re probably gonna be happy about 2 in 3 years from now.

But that was the only thing that stopped it from being an absolute grand slam. I loved the fact that people are saying what a good draft we had. It is reassuring that this staff can pick out good players. And then, I think Poconos is gonna be a really nice one. I think Devin are Danson. Singletary, are gonna be deferred enjoyment that we’re gonna really enjoy a couple of years down the line, but I’m really happy about it and I genuinely would give it an A. I really think that we earned an A with the kind of talent that was there and the impact positions, we got.

Yeah, the mine is also comes with the Milan going to pick. So, not with you and in the moment.

Oh, I was a, I was a I, I was mad.

Yeah, and not that I don’t like the Singletary, no back and I do. And I think you hit the nail on the head with it. It’s gonna be differed. enjoyment, and I do think fancy to wait for that. I think a lot of excitement that Knox is gonna come in and totally change this offense right away.

I think those things are gonna happen over a time.

But there were so many guys in that range that would have given me immediate enjoyment and I think that my fan and me took over and wanted 2019 enjoyment, and so I was shook in the third round, and it took me a minute, I was just sitting there online angry and mad and didn’t know what’s going on now that I’ve been able to take a that back and talk about it with people that are smarter than me. I’m totally fine with it, and that’s where I’m at with the name in the moment. Man, I was shook.

Oh, and I got mad at myself because I let it make me mad about the first two awesome picks and that’s not fair, that’s silly to do that. It doesn’t undo how amazing those first two picks are. And then, now stepping back, isn’t perfectly reasonable. Pick and lots of people, I had him in. We graded well, and in that spot, I’m not used to the bills being able to take luxury picks of just the best can the board… So I’m still trying to get my mind or on that.

Yeah, and the Calvin brings up an interesting point here. It was the high price, two fourth rounders, for Knox.

And at the time, I thought that too, but to to give them an A minus, they weren’t leaving with 10 pick, we knew that going to, they weren’t doing it, they got rid of one of the Pickering for… You knew they were moving more pick. If that’s your guy and you’re worried that somebody else is gonna snag him… Before you’re coming around next and he’s on your board, at that level, which is what they told us. And I know some of that is GM speak that they’re always gonna say that the guys are the top guys on their board, I get that but we’re gonna take their word for it here, and if that is all the case I have no problem with it. And maybe he doesn’t work out, but if he doesn’t work out, I’m not gonna look back in three years and say, Darn. I really wish we would have those two fourth round picks back. And I know everybody goes crazy about the trade value… Chart and all that kind of stuff, but I will say it was reinforced again this weekend. Almost every single draft trade was plus or minus 10 per cent from that NFL Draft chart teams use some similar variety of that. Now, it may not be the exact calculation. Some people really differ on future picks versus current year picks. Some people really put a high premium on the top five, top 10 pick, but in general, you chart that’s out there and the one that’s generally accepted around the league is relatively used by all teams just as a reference. Those two for tropics, the 112th pick was worth 70 points, the 19th pick or the 131st pick was worth 41, 70, and 41 is 111, The Pilate Bill’s got was worth 116 points, by the NFL trade chart. We won that trade.

So I know people get in their mind. Oh, but it was two for throne pics. That’s gotta be worth more than a third. It’s not by every other trade metric that’s out there. We won that trade not only did we not do a bad trade… We got the better end of the value. So, just relative just to get on to the frame of reference, whether you like it or not, or… I think we could have got it. I also wanna say that What we traded for, we traded DACA for Washington drafted Bryce love, and a guard out of a small school, I’ve never heard of.

Yeah, totally fine with that. So we, it’s not something that there was some terrible we didn’t get ripped off with, At minimum, it was even… And again, by the metrics of it, we won the trade.

Yeah, no, I’m totally fine with the trade. And again, we were walking away with the pics. And the trade value… Charts are all relative until you actually get into the trade, and it’s never exact there’s always gonna be somebody’s getting skewed one way or another the way the value of shake out the math just doesn’t always add up so it always be even… So in this case, we want to… That’s fine.

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