Bills vs. Patriots Week 16: A game that Josh Allen ‘can learn from’


Josh Allen’s first encounter with a Bill Belichick-schemed defense did not turn out so well. Allen finished 20-for-41 for 217 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions. Like many other rookie quarterbacks, Allen hit a wall as Belichick reached into his bag of tricks meant to confuse the Wyoming product pre- to post-snap. Erik and Nate jump into the film room to show you exactly how Belichick and the Patriots continued their dominance over their division foe Bills.

  • Introduction
  • 3:14-Josh Allen misses WR Zay Jones
  • 9:14-Josh Allen RPO completion to Deonte Thompson
  • 12:17-Josh Allen fails to throw the swing to LeSean McCoy
  • 17:17-Josh Allen throws the swing to LeSean McCoy
  • 20:15-Josh Allen airmails the throw to WR Isaiah McKenzie (Hoss concept)
  • 22:38-Josh Allen’s pinpoint throw to RB Keith Ford (Hoss concept)
    • 23:39-Comparison of Allen’s footwork on both throws
  • 29:38-Josh Allen’s first interception
  • 35:28-Josh Allen fails to pull the trigger to WR Robert Foster
  • 40:55-Josh Allen audibles and throws deep to WR Foster
  • 45:47-Josh Allen reads the defense, delivers, but WR McKenzie drops it
  • 50:42-Wrap up


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