Breaking News: Bills Signing Linebacker Nicholas Morrow


Nicholas Morrow, 6’0″ 225 pounds


Cover 1’s Take:  Stack linebacker who fits the typical Bills’ linebacker archetype. A ton of game experience as a starter and on all special teams units.
Summary: A former safety turned linebacker, stands at 6’0″ and 225 pounds, bringing a steady, intelligent, workmanlike approach to the defensive lineup. While slightly undersized for his position, Morrow compensates with very good angles to the ball and exceptional tackling form in 2023, missing only three tackles against the run all of last season. He displays remarkable control on the field, leveraging the ball effectively, completely under control and consistently filling entry gaps to halt opposing runners as they look to cut it back. Morrow scrapes down the line of scrimmage smoothly and is perpetually in motion until he meets the ballcarrier. Rarely ever demonstrating bad tackling form. However, he’s more of a linear athlete who rarely makes splash plays thanks to his athleticism or on plays where he has to quickly change direction. It takes a decent runway created by his teammates in order for him to get to top speed, which he had behind a very talented defensive front in Philadelphia. HIs lack of burst and ability to reach top speed quickly occasionally hamper his performance, particularly in covering crossing routes over the middle. Typically reacting half a click too slow which allows the pass to be completed. Most of these passes are underneath with the defense dropping into deep zone coverages. But once teams complete the passes underneath, receivers are able to pull away from Morrow because of his lack of short area burst. You would like to see more of a hunter’s mentality, more click and close ability once the pass is complete. Despite these challenges, Morrow adeptly drops into zone coverage to meet his landmarks and will finish the play by executing strong technical tackling proficiency if within striking distance. His strategic timing in blitzes adds value to his play, along with his ability to take the shortest line to the quarterback allowing him to maximize his rushing presence. Overall, Morrow’s steady presence and cerebral approach make him a reliable contributor to any defensive scheme, with room for improvement in handling certain coverage situations. The Bills likely raised the overall floor of the backup linebackers thanks to his experience, athleticism and schematic fit.

Signature Skill/Trait: Control/Poise