Bills Top 30 Visits: DT Ruke Orhorhoro


As the NFL Draft approaches, the Buffalo Bills have conducted their due diligence by hosting a series of top 30 visits with prospective draftees. These visits represent the most in-depth meetings between the players and the team, providing a prime opportunity for both parties to assess fit and potential. Among the pool of talented prospects are individuals showcasing a diverse array of skills and talents, each bringing unique strengths and capabilities to the table. Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout prospects who have recently met with the Bills as they prepare to make crucial selections in the upcoming draft.


Measurables: 6’4”, 294 pounds, 34 inch arms


Career Statistics:

Film Grade: 4th Rounder, Early 5th


Signature Skill/Trait: 1st step quickness


Summary Report:

Ruke Orhorhoro demonstrates notable strengths in his gameplay, characterized by a quick 1st lateral step and active footwork that contribute to his agility on the field. His quickness proves beneficial in executing twists and stunts, while his adaptability allows him to seamlessly replace other defensive tackles when they are out of their gaps. Despite occasionally being bounced around, Orohorro displays an impressive ability to locate the ball and make impactful plays. His versatility is evident through his deployment in multiple alignments along the defensive line, where he serves as a penetrator, utilizing his quickness to disrupt opposing offenses. Additionally, he exhibits a commendable commitment to winning “ugly” to keep his teammates clean and showcases a natural instinct for the ball in run defense.

However, Orohorro also faces areas for improvement. He struggles with anchoring against combination blocks and could benefit from more consistent utilization of his length to keep blockers at bay. While he challenges opponents’ lateral agility, he needs to capitalize on this aspect more consistently. Not fitting the mold of a traditional stack-and-shed defensive tackle, he may require refinement in technique to enhance his effectiveness. Furthermore, Orhorhoro lacks a defined pass rush plan, occasionally delaying his rush and waiting for openings rather than acting decisively. Despite these areas for growth, Orohorro’s promising quickness and versatility suggest that with refinement, he has the potential to make significant contributions to his team’s defensive efforts as a rotational 3 technique on base downs and weapon on obvious pass rushing downs because his length will give interior offensive linemen issues.