Bills Top 30 Visits: WR Troy Franklin


As the NFL Draft approaches, the Buffalo Bills have conducted their due diligence by hosting a series of top 30 visits with prospective draftees. These visits represent the most in-depth meetings between the players and the team, providing a prime opportunity for both parties to assess fit and potential. Among the pool of talented prospects are individuals showcasing a diverse array of skills and talents, each bringing unique strengths and capabilities to the table. Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout prospects who have recently met with the Bills as they prepare to make crucial selections in the upcoming draft.


Measurables: 6’1 7/8″, 176 pounds, 4.41 40-yard Dash


Career Statistics:


Film Grade: 2nd rounder


Summary Report:

Troy Franklin, despite his thin build and lacking muscle density, exhibits good competitiveness and angles on stalk blocks. He possesses explosive strides and utilizes deceptive maneuvers to create separation, particularly on vertical routes where he tests the patience of defensive backs before accelerating. Franklin’s stride is highlighted as a unique weapon, enabling him to run off defenders and execute blocks without direct engagement. However, he occasionally settles at the top of routes instead of breaking back and would benefit from running routes at full speed consistently. His play strength needs improvement to navigate through contact effectively, and he tends to minimize yards after the catch in short areas due to a glitch transitioning from receiver to runner. Franklin also struggles with drops, body catches, and wide hands leading to double catches, suggesting a need for improvement in his catching technique. Additionally, his route tree lacks variety in short and intermediate routes with multiple breaks.

Signature Skill/Trait: Elongated Stride Velocity