Birth of a Bills Fan | By Charles Territo



One of the cool parts about running a Bills site, is the people you meet. How they light up when they share their moment of becoming a Bills fan. Charles Territo shared his story with me and I couldn’t wait to share it with other Bills fans. So get to know Charles, but also get to know the Bills players he admires. Former Bills running back Lookey lookey Cookie Gilchrist and current Bills wide receiver Robert Woods.

Lookie, lookie, lookie ….Here comes Cookie.

I am Charles Territo, I am 59 soon to be 60. I’ve been a Bills fan since I was 9 years old. In July of 1963, my father took me to my first Bills practice at the Old Rock Pile. I knew little about the game but loved the physicality. After practice was over we went down to the field to greet players. Near the end of the meet and greet, along comes Cookie Gilchrist. After getting his autograph my father asked Cookie to take a picture with me. Cookie said “yes.” Cookie lifted me over the fence/barrier and put me on his shoulders. I was extremely excited. My tongue was too thick to speak.

After a couple of shots were taken, Cookie whispers to me, “would you like me to run with you on my shoulders?” I simply nodded. He asked my father if it was okay. So, off we went. Cookie sprinted 20 yards with me on his shoulders, and sprinted back to my father. I was screaming with joy all through that run. We get back and he asks me if I would like him to run like he does in a game. Again, I nodded yes. He said hold on tight as he held my ankles and I held his skull. Off we went, zigging and zagging, dipping and shucking for a total of 40 yards!! I almost peed my pants I was so excited and happy. That day so long ago, a life long, true blue, die hard fan was born.


Robert Woods Fan

I have been a fan of Robert Woods since his days at USC. I saw how reliable he was and just knew he would be a good pro. Then we drafted him! I was ecstatic. We didn’t have a decent quarterback and that I knew that would limit his results. He still produced good numbers. Then last year arrives…. A 3 player competition at quarterback ensued up to the last game in the preseason. For half the season Tyrod had chemistry issues with our WR’s. Robert was injured but being the tough man that he is, he kept playing. Roman proved his genius by using Woods in ways that he could help the team. Robert was limited to certain passing routes and used as a blocker. He not only accepted that role but excelled at it. To me, he became our second best blocking WR since Andre Reed. I see his best position as a slot receiver because of his toughness. He has the scrappiness and mentality to play over the middle. He is an old school player that is simply not appreciated and I will be a fan of Robert Woods for the rest of his career.

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