BROWN | 2021 NFL Draft Guide (FREE DOWNLOAD)


It’s pretty crazy to think that we’re one month away from the 2021 NFL Draft!

Every time we get here, it’s a humbling moment for me. I get to do what I love to do and so many people show their support. It’s truly a humbling experience that I enjoy every year.

My process is a bit different compared to others. It’s certainly about production, film grade and athletic testing. You wrap that all up and you’ll get a grade that normally spans between 95 and 60. The higher the grade, the better the player. In the process of studying film, I’ve learned that it’s about giving players an even playing field. This year, athletic testing is a bit all over the place due to college pro days being all over the place.

The 125 players that are listed on this big board/draft guide are players with at least four full games watched or more. No clips, no highlights. I want to study their bad habits and good ones. To do that, I have to watch their entire game. I didn’t get to as many players as years past but I feel good about the content in this guide. I hope you’re able to read it for the next few weeks before the draft but to also use it when your favorite team drafts a player. Use the link below to download the 2021 NFL Draft Guide!

[download id=”40851″ template=”Russell Brown 2021 NFL Draft Guide (Free Download)”]


Now some of you are probably wondering what about payment? Is this free? Yes, it’s FREE! That being said, I’d love if each person considered donating to a charity that could help hundreds of others around the world. For me, I chose the Ronald McDonald House Charity. This charity helps children and families around the world. So rather than giving me the money, I’d prefer that you give the money to them. Use the link below to donate (whatever you can) to help the charity!

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