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In just over two weeks, we’ll have our eyes glued to televisions everywhere to see what the future holds for our favorite NFL teams. We could see a surprise pick with the first overall selection and we’ll certainly see teams trade future assets to position themselves on the board for “their guy.”

Could your team be the ones to pull the trigger on one of these quarterbacks? Could we see teams with multiple first round picks double-down on the same position? As I always say, anything is possible with the NFL Draft.

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, I’ve compiled 125 prospects and ranked them. Not only did I rank them from first to last, I added hundreds of words on how I view the player from their strengths, weaknesses and their overall projection to the NFL. In addition, I give you some background notes on the player as I absolutely love researching about a player on and off the field.

My rankings are different than most and that’s okay. I view football from a different lens and that’s how it should be. Each player graded on the big board of 125 players were graded with 4 games studied or more. While, I watched close to 170 players this year, I had about 40 players or so that didn’t get full grades because I only watched one or two of their games.

So with that being said, the tape has been grinded, the grades have been given and the reports have been compiled. Without further ado, here’s my 2022 NFL Draft Guide!

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