4 things to watch in Bills vs. Colts preseason opener


The Buffalo Bills’ offense will be more vanilla than your grandma’s early bird special and the defense will be as basic as ordering pumpkin spice whatever in October, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a lot on Saturday. Here’s a quick look at some Bills players, personnel, and positions I will be keeping an eye on:

Ken Dorsey

New offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey will be calling his first official game (albeit preseason). With this, we will get to see where he relays the plays from (booth or sideline) and, if he’s on the field, how hands-on he is with Case Keenum and Matt Barkley. With how bland the scheme will be, it’ll be hard to gauge his usage, but seeing him utilize 12 personnel (one running back, two tight ends) is something I will be looking at.

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Right Tackle

Spencer Brown is the incumbent right tackle and has been inserted back into the starting rotation this week after missing some time during training camp. While he was out, new signee David Quessenberry assumed the responsibility and is currently listed as the starter on the first team released depth chart. Who takes the first-team snaps and how many snaps each player receives could be a clue as to who has the upper hand with a little less than a month left before the season starts.

Wide Receiver

You can write Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis into the lineup with those old, oversized, stinky sharpies our parents forbid us from touching as children, but after that, there are a lot of questions to answer. Isaiah McKenzie has taken hold of the #1 slot role while Jameson Crowder was sidelined. Now we just have to see who is deployed when and who looks better in-game action. After those starting X, Y, and Z roles, it was interesting to see Isaiah Hodgins listed as the primary backup to Gabe Davis on the depth chart. Has he earned a spot on the 53? Is Marquez Stevenson on his way out? How will Khalil Shakir work into the action later in the game? These are all questions I’m intrigued by at WR.

Josh Allen

Why is Josh Allen on a list talking about what I am watching during a preseason game he isn’t playing in? I want to see how hands-on Allen is with Dorsey. If Dorsey is on the field, are they connected at the hip? If Dorsey is up in the booth, is Allen a QB coach with Joe Brady on the field? Also, I want to see who he is interacting with on the sideline. If he is all over Crowder/McKenzie is that a glimpse into who he feels comfortable with? Who knows, but it’ll be fun fodder for the week.