Bills GM Brandon Beane reflects on 2022 season after Divisional Round exit


Brandon Beane has been the general manager of the Buffalo Bills since the spring of 2017. In his first season with the team, Buffalo broke a 17-year playoff drought. Beane then went on to draft Josh Allen and Tremaine Edmunds in his first draft at the helm, two studs who have been key contributors to the team’s success the past few seasons. Prior to this season, the Bills were Super Bowl favorites and widely respected around the league as one of the best. Unfortunately, the Bills fell short of that goal last Sunday and lost in the Divisional Round for the second consecutive season.

Beane was made available to talk to the media on Tuesday and spoke about the offensive and defensive lines he and the coaching staff have put together.

“That game we didn’t get it done up front on either side of the ball, and that starts with me,” Beane said.

He then went on to discuss the offense and how he thought that unit played this year.

“It started well this year. I think we have good players. But for some reason, it didn’t go the way we wanted in the second half of the season,” Beane said.

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The Bills’ offense started on fire, blowing out the Los Angeles Rams in Week 1 and coming back to Buffalo in Week 2 to blow out the Tennessee Titans at home on Monday Night Football. After the bye week, the Bills struggled to find some consistency on the offensive side of the ball, this coinciding with a plethora of turnovers. While Buffalo did finish the season with an offense that performed and graded well in a number of statistical categories, the group went through long and noticeable ruts throughout the campaign.

Beane also discussed the Cincinnati Bengals – the team that ended Buffalo’s season – and what they were able to do the last few years to put themselves in a position to be successful.

“I don’t want to suck bad enough to have to get Ja’Marr Chase… you have to go through some lean years,” Beane explained.

He makes a valid point here, but the Bills have passed up on guys in the late first round and early second round that had talent. For example, Beane passed on A.J. Brown, D.K. Metcalf, and Terry McLaurin on numerous occasions in the 2019 NFL Draft, a year in which the Bills could have used an influx of young talent at receiver. Hindsight, of course, is 20/20, but it is interesting to note that Beane has never taken a wide receiver on day one or day two throughout his tenure as Buffalo’s GM. He’s selected six receivers throughout his five drafts in charge, with round four being the earliest round in which he’s ever selected one (Gabriel Davis in 2020).

Beane also talked about how there won’t be a Von Miller-esque signing this year because they will not have the cap space to make it work. This offseason for the Bills will not be as exciting as the past few years, but this might be the most important one. Now that the big contracts have all kicked in going into next season (Josh Allen), the Bills will not have the cap space to sign big names. The NFL Draft along with signing talent that doesn’t cost much will be the key for the Bills to take that next step.