Three Highlights From Buffalo Bills: Embedded – Ep. 1


Thanks to an initiative by their favorite franchise, Buffalo Bills fans finally got a behind-the-scenes look at the way Sean McDermott and his staff work with their roster in the brand new “Buffalo Bills: Embedded”, a TV show that will have new episodes posted on Facebook Watch each Wednesdays night at 8 P.M. Here are my top 3 highlights from the premiere:

1. Sean McDermott’s “Process” Shines

The head coach was the star of the first episode, being very clear about what he wants from his coaching staff and especially from his players. He knows how to be demanding, as he was in one scene where he wasn’t satisfied with the intensity level in the first practice. He was demanding first to his staff in a coaches-only meeting, and afterward to the team. Effort isn’t negotiable with McDermott, and it was good to see how he’s in command of his team and how they responded to his leadership.


2. A New Way of Situational Football Practice

McDermott is a tough guy, but at the same time, he knows how to win over his players being fun, too. The head coach opened one team meeting talking about 3rd downs and how important their conversions are to winning football games. Then, he asked who the best video game players on the team were and called Jerry Hughes and Rod Streater to the podium, where he challenged both to represent their units on a 3rd-and-5 situation in Madden. Streater beat Hughes on a quick pass, gaining the first down to the sound of his offensive teammates’ joy.


3. Creating a Bond Between Players

In a film session, the HC showed a Kaelin Clay TD reception in practice, after which no one celebrated with him. He was quick to point it out and demanded a different reaction next time, arguing how important those things are to creating a bond between teammates. The very next play on film showed the defense making a play and DT John Hughes running to the sideline, carrying all of his 320 pounds to jump and celebrate with (and chase) his teammates, exactly what the coach was looking for. The chemistry we saw last year wasn’t a fluke; it was a product of a very positive environment where players are challenged to work hard but allowed to have fun at the same time.


It was a good quick show, and it’s always nice to be able to see more about your favorite team and how they work behind closed doors. It appears that the team is in the right hands and really trusting “the process”.