From bad snaps to risky plays: The causes of Josh Allen’s fumbles


Turnovers were an issue for Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen in 2022, but really, the problem has followed him throughout his entire career. I decided to take a deep dive into Allen’s fumbling woes and provide insight into the causes and possible solutions. Josh Allen fumbled the ball 16 times last year, the most of any player in the league. I broke down some of the fumbles and showed that while some were due to bad snaps, others were a result of Allen trying to make a play and getting disrupted by a pass rusher. Which when you add that context, puts some of the blame on the Bills’ offensive line.

Improving the center-quarterback exchange can easily correct the problem of bad snaps. However, for situations where Allen is trying to make a play,  Allen needs to focus on securing the ball and taking a sack or throwing it away instead of trying to force a play.

I hope that overall, the video provides a comprehensive analysis of Josh Allen’s fumbling issues and offers practical solutions for improvement. As the Buffalo Bills look to build on their success from last season, addressing these issues will be crucial for their continued success.


  • Josh Allen fumbled 16 times last season, more than any other player in the league.
  • Holding on to the ball is something that Allen has struggled with throughout his career.
  • Five of those fumbles were due to bobbled snaps, which can be corrected with work on the center-quarterback exchange.
  • Break down the fumbles, showing where they occurred and what led to them with the use of film.