Josh Allen taking full advantage of film sessions with Jim Kelly, says ‘football hasn’t changed’ from “K-Gun” days


Social media was set ablaze Monday when Buffalo Bills legend and Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly revealed that he had been watching film with offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, quarterbacks coach Ken Dorsey and Josh Allen to assist the second-year passer’s development as he heads into his second professional season.

“I’ve been sitting in some meetings with the offense,” Kelly told members of the media at his annual golf tournament. “Me and Coach Daboll went through a lot. And Ken Dorsey, of course, being a (fellow former) University of Miami quarterback and part of ‘The U,’ I’ve been in a couple meetings with them.”

Kelly and the Bills’ offense of the early 1990’s revolutionized the way the game was played with their up-tempo, no-huddle offense they coined the “K-Gun.” The 59-year old hasn’t been shy when it comes to helping Buffalo’s quarterbacks, offering any assistance he can over the last several years. He’s developed a relationship with Josh Allen and has been thoroughly impressed with what he’s seen out of the Wyoming product.

“Overall, I love what I see,” said Kelly. “I’ve been to a couple of practices. I love his arm. And probably more than just that, I love the way he gets in the huddle and talks to the players. I think I said this last year, too, but, again, I see it this year: when they run a route or they’re in seven-on-seven or team drill, they come back (after a play), he automatically is talking to the receiver they threw to or talking to another receiver you didn’t throw to.”

On Tuesday, Head Coach Sean McDermott explained that the Bills would be ignorant to turn away any nuggets of information from someone with a resume like Kelly’s.

“We find every way possible to improve our football team,” McDermott said before Tuesday’s OTA session. “This is no different. Jim is a Hall of Famer. To me it would be ignorant of us not to have a relationship of Jim and ask him what he thinks knowing we have a young quarterback. All of that is healthy and all of that is good.”

Following practice, Josh Allen spoke to the media and elaborated on his relationship with Kelly, who threw for 35,467 yards and 237 touchdowns during his illustrious career, acknowledging that they’ve only met a handful of times to go over film, but that the concepts Buffalo’s offense utilized nearly 30 years ago were similar to what the team will run in 2019.

“I wouldn’t say they’ve been frequent, but it’s always good to get knew ideas,” Allen said of his film sessions with Jim Kelly. “Especially from a guy like Jim, who’s a Hall of Famer, has played at the highest level for a very long time. For myself, just picking his brain and seeing what he did on film and being able to actually ask him, what his thought process was on a certain concept. You see it nowadays, too, like, football has not changed that much.”

“They ran the same concepts that we ran to this day,” Allen added. “So in order to kind of pick his brain has been really good for me. He’s been in there with Dors (Ken Dorsey) and Dabs (Brian Daboll) a couple times, I don’t know if it’s been much more than that, or if everyone has been making it a big deal. But to have a guy like Jim around the building, it’s special because he meant a lot to this city and this organization. So I’m thankful and fortunate that he’s able to come over here and talk to us.”

After a rocky rookie campaign, Josh Allen is entering his second professional season firmly entrenched as the starter. He has a year of experience under his belt and seeking help from one of the greatest passers in NFL history should only aid the 23-year old as he looks to help Buffalo make a push for an AFC East title.