Buffalo Bills Kicker Tyler Bass Player Profile


Mike Bundt of the Going Deep Podcast recently had the opportunity to sit down with Bills kicker Tyler Bass at an autograph signing hosted by TSE Buffalo. For more information on their future events, please click the link: https://tsebuffalo.com/


Mike Bundt: What the most difficult conditions to kick in? The rain, snow, freezing temperatures or the wind?

Tyler Bass: I would say the main thing is probably the wind but I think it’s (Buffalo) is probably one of the hardest places to kick in the NFL. It’s so challenging but I think you become a better kicker from that because you’re getting tested even at practice everyday. The winds, left, right but the main thing is the wind.

Bundt: I read that your grandmother was the person that motivated you to get into football. What did he say when you were younger to peak your interest and when did you know that the NFL could be an option?

Bass: The B team actually needed a kicker so she was like “hey, you play soccer, let’s go in the backyard and kick.” I did and it kind of came off naturally with a good rotation. I wasn’t kicking it far at that age but the NFL, I would say after my junior year in college. That’s when I kind of had a thought, I have a chance coming off a good year, feeling good. That’s when I would say I had a good chance to go.

Bundt: What do you consider the most memorable kicks of your career going back to your younger days?

Bass: I would say one in college, my junior year at the Camellia Bowl was a good kick. I would say a couple kicks my rookie year at the Cardinals and this year we had a kick against the Ravens I enjoyed.

Bundt: Who did you emulate your game off of growing up?

Bass: I would say I was more self-taught. I watched a bunch of kickers growing up. I watched Tucker growing up, Janikowski but really just more self-taught kicking and staying at it really.

Bundt What’s your mental process before every kick?

Bass: You take a breath, just relax, just focus on your process. Don’t worry about the surroundings, the conditions, the fans. Just focus on your process and don’t worry about the outcome and if you can take care of your process, the outcome should take care of itself.

Bundt: Finally, how long can you bomb a field goal?

Bass In good conditions, I’d say anywhere between 65… The high 60’s I would say.