Buffalo Bills move to 5-2 but still need to improve


Whenever you can get a win in the NFL, you’ll take that it. For the Buffalo Bills, they went on the road and beat a terrible New York Jets (0-7) football team. That’s cool and all but I’m still concerned. Maybe it’s because it was the Jets and not the Steelers. I was expecting more and not an 18-10 win that was dependent on the inconsistent leg of rookie kicker Tyler Bass.

However, that’s what we got.

So what do we takeaway from this game? Props to the defense for stepping up in the second half of this game. After giving up 16 first downs in the first half, it only gave up a single first down in the second half and it was the first play of the half. From that point on, it kept it together and limited the Jets to only 4 yards on offense. Meanwhile, Sam Darnold was sacked six times and Jerry Hughes took over the last drive of the game.

Aside from Hughes having a good game, it was a solid outing for rookie cornerback Dane Jackson. Due to some of the injuries that have piled up in the secondary, Jackson stepped up with multiple tackles, a pair of pass deflections and his first career interception. Not bad for a rookie selected in the seventh rounnd. With more performances like that, he could provide a spark to a secondary that’s needed it.

Going from the defense to the offense, there’s plenty of concern on this side of the ball. Starting at the quarterback position, it was a solid day at the office for Josh Allen. He went 30-for-43 with 307 yards and a touchdown pass. Most importantly, his timing was much better in this game than what it’s been the previous two games. Whether he was throwing underneath to Cole Beasley or connecting on a dig route to Stefon Diggs, the passing game looked better but they still need to execute on some of the key downs of the game.

For example, you can’t have manageable down and distances with 2nd and 3rd down and not come away with a first down. The Bills went 3-for-11 on third down against the Jets — that number should have been higher. Now, it’s great that Bass was hitting some field goals but he still missed some and at the end of the day, you need touchdowns to compete with the top teams in the NFL.

We’ve seen that already this year and it contributed to consecutive losses. It’s one thing to have a drive stall but when it keeps happening, there’s a reason to believe that there’s a spoke on the wheel somewhere on this offense. Fortunately, the Bills have nine weeks to figure this out and clean it up.

Between Zack Moss and Devin Singletary, they had 76 rushing yards on 15 carries combined. You can live with that total but it still feels like either one of these third round running backs are destined for a huge rushing total sometime soon. Could it be next week against a New England Patriot team that just allowed Jeff Wilson to score three touchdowns on 112 rushing yards? Whatever might happen, it’s a must-win Sunday for the Bills when they matchup against the Patriots. They need to show everyone that the AFC East is their division to win and it’s important to get that sixth win of the season before playing back-to-back games against the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals.

It’s a relief seeing the Bills at the 5-2 mark for the season but you have to walk away from this week wanting more. Will a more satisfying win happen in week 8 against the Patriots? Let us know by following me on Twitter or by becoming a premium subscriber with access to our Slack channel!

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