Which moment best encapsulates the Buffalo Bills’ playoff drought? – Cover 1 Roundup


Sustained success is a relatively new concept to fans of the Buffalo Bills.

Outside of a stretch of dominance in the early-1990s and the team’s recent prominence under head coach Sean McDermott, Buffalo has largely struggled throughout its 60-plus year history. The Bills’ darkest days are known colloquially as “the drought,” a 16-year stretch in the early-2000s that saw the team fail to qualify for the postseason in 17 consecutive seasons. The drought was full of on-field heartbreak and off-field headscratchers, a truly putrid stretch of football that, thankfully, came to a ceremonious end in 2017.

On this episode of the Cover 1 Roundup, David Faux and Kyle Silagyi, joined by a few guests, take a look back on the drought, searching for the one player, game, or moment that best encapsulates what that period was like for Buffalo fans.