Ranking Buffalo Bills GM Brandon Beane’s best and worst moves – Cover 1 Roundup


You’d be hard-pressed to find someone more universally beloved in Western New York than Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane.

The executive is the architect of the Bills’ return to natural prominence, the person who has assembled the team that fans, analysts, and bettors agree is likely the league’s strongest, on paper, entering the 2022 NFL season. Beane has assembled this roster through shrewd signings, strong draft picks, and the occasional blockbuster trade, the resulting unit standing as one of the strongest in the team’s history.

That said, Beane has not been flawless throughout his tenure as Buffalo’s shot-caller. Though his hits far outweigh his misses, one cannot deny that a few of his free-agent signings have been unequivocal misses, a number of his draft picks have failed to develop into meaningful contributors, and there’s also that pesky issue of the defensive line, a group that has long underwhelmed despite Beane’s consistent efforts to improve it.

Though the hits-to-misses ratio certainly isn’t one-for-one, it’s fair to say that the Stefon Diggs trade and the Wyatt Teller trade occupy very different parts of the Bills fan’s psyche.

Beane is undeniably one of the NFL’s more polished general managers, the job he’s done in Buffalo being nothing short of impressive. Still, every executive slips up every now and again. On this episode of the Cover 1 Roundup, David Faux and Kyle Silagyi take a look back at the most significant moves Beane has made throughout his time at the helm of the Bills, ranking them in tiers before determining which decision was Beane’s best, and which was his worst.