Cover 1 | Film Room: Buffalo Bills Run Game Pt. 1


Greg Roman has always been known for having strong run games as the base for his offense. In fact, according to Pro Football Reference he has never had a run game worst than 8th overall.


Last season was his best output, commanding the #1 rushing offense in the NFL. Of course much of that was due to the skilled running backs such as Lesean Mccoy, Karlos Williams and even Mike Gillislee but you can not deny how well his run game was designed and executed.

Roman uses just about every type of blocking scheme in today’s game.  I don’t think that the casual fan understands the time that is set aside to make sure the players are prepared. Prepared to face the myriad of looks that an NFL defense is going to show, the type of checks, calls or adjustments that the lineman must have in place week in and week out. Roman and offensive line coach Aaron Kromer had that unit prepared the whole season. Due to the detailed preparation, the Bills’ lineman were able to adjust and overcome any defensive look last season. Kudos needs to be given not only to the players but to the coaching staff and scouts.

As an homage to the staff, scouting department and players themselves I wanted to produce a run game series explaining the concepts that Roman utilized. Of course there are many variations, checks and adjustments within blocking schemes, but I wanted to keep the descriptions as simple as possible. Enjoy!!!

The first part of the series will cover:

Man Scheme

  • Iso
  • Is0/lead draw
  • Draws

Zone Scheme

  • Inside zone
  • Split flow zone
  • Outside zone
  • Zone read
  • Option
  • Pitch/Toss




Stay tuned for part two of the series…..



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