Bills Camp Confidentials: O’Cyrus Torrence


The Buffalo Bills’ offense was formidable in 2022, finishing second in both total yards per game at 397.6 and points per game at 28.4. Buffalo earned Pro Football Focus’ seventh-highest offensive grade at 86.6, and Football Outsiders gave them the second-highest DVOA (Defense-Adjusted Value Over Average).

All that said, general manager Brandon Beane knew he had two glaring holes to attack in the 2022 draft. First, they selected pass-catching weapon Dalton Kincaid in round one, then they fortified the line in front of Josh Allen by taking guard O’Cyrus Torrence in the second.

We will spend the next 500 words or so focusing on Torrence, what he did and accomplished at the University of Florida, how he has looked at camp so far, and what is being said about him.

The 60th selection in the draft is a monster of a man. He stands 6’5″ and 347 pounds. For perspective, that makes him the heaviest player on the entire Bills roster, edging out DL Jordan Phillips by six pounds. Now, there is good weight and bad weight. Left tackle Dion Dawkins said of Torrence, “he is huge. Just a big old dude.” He added “There have been guys who are tall, and guys who are wide, but Torrence is wide-wide” emphasizing the space that the rookie chews up on the line. Torrence ran a 5.3 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine, so he isn’t some lumbering sloth on the field.

Sticking with his physical stature, @Pro__Ant mentioned, “O’Cyrus Torrence is noticeably leaner than he was at the Senior Bowl. Still a physically imposing guard. But definitely leaned out” while covering camp.

We know Torrence is a large human, but what really matters is how he’s looked on the field. The rookie started camp last week taking second-team reps behind Ryan Bates. Fast forward a week, and the former Gator has worked his way into taking first-team reps throughout practice. Last Sunday we saw a shift in his usage as he took ever at right guard for the redzone work. A man the size of Torrence will be useful near the goal line where Warren Sharp ranked Buffalo last in the NFL in 2022.

As of today, Torrence is in a battle with incumbent RG Ryan Bates. “The consistent back and forth with Bates & Torrence appears to confirm that this is a legit competition for starting RG. I was impressed with his footwork. I’ll default to the experience with Bates for a week, but I think Torrence’s talent wins out eventually,” said @GregTompsett. Most fans want the shiny new toy to win a battle like this one, especially with how poor the offensive line has looked in years past. There is one more caveat to Torrence winning the job: Bates is a legit replacement for all five spots along the line. I said in a previous article that I thought he could be a veteran trade candidate near the end of camp, but with his versatility and the injuries/struggles the Bills have had up front, I now think he is a solid chess piece for Buffalo. This is a thought that @TheBillsGuys agrees with.

To glean a little more into the player that Torrence is, let’s take a quick look back at who he was last year in college. The 23-year-old played all 697 of his offensive reps at right guard in 2022. He was also in on 46 field goals and extra points. During those 700+ snaps, he allowed ZERO sacks on just eight hurries and no penalties. Torrence was the No. 1 graded guard, per PFF with an 88.0. He was also the No. 1 graded run-blocking guard at 89.9. Some very much-needed dominance when you look at the PFF chart below for the Bills starters from last year.

So, as we draw closer to the Bills’ first preseason game Saturday, August 12th against the Colts, Torrence and the offensive line rotation will be worth keeping an eye on. It sounds crazy, but the start of the regular season in New Jersey on Monday Night Football is just over a month away.