5 unbelievable stats through 13 games of Bills’ 2022 season


The Buffalo Bills have won four-straight games, including back-to-back divisional games, after topping the New York Jets 20-12 on Sunday. The win moves them to 10-3 and keeps them in first in the AFC. Buffalo stays inside the AFC East for week 14 when they host Miami on Saturday, yes Saturday. Before we move ahead to their next matchup with the Dolphins, here are some fun “would you believe me if I said…” stats from your Buffalo Bills through 13 games of the Bills’ 2022 season.

Would You Believe Me If I Said… Stefon Diggs is the second-best wide receiver in football?

I know, I know, some of y’all are going to scream: “he is first” and you can certainly make that case, but for this stats article he is second, according to fivethirtyeight.com. The ESPN analytics website ranks Diggs as a 91 overall, tied with the Vikings’ Justin Jefferson. The surprise might be that they are one point behind the Seahawks’ Tyler Lockett. The Bills’ pass catchers’ numbers rank high across the board. He is an 88 for “open,” an 84 for “catch,” and a 50 (which is high) for YAC. We know Diggs is good, but it’s always fun to see our eyes vindicated by different metrics like this one.

Would You Believe Me If I Said… Josh Allen continues to create his own stat categories?

Josh Allen has the most games with both a passing and rushing TD since he entered the league in 2018, and it isn’t relatively close. With four weeks left in the 2022 regular season, Allen has 24 games with a pass and rush TD since he was the 7th overall selection in the 2018 draft. His closest competition is Kyler Murray with 16, Ryan Tannehill’s 13, and a dozen from Lamar Jackson. With Allen remaining the focal point of the Bills’ rushing game for the foreseeable future, this stat should continue to grow in his favor.

Would You Believe Me If I Said… the Bills thrive in one-score games of late?

There was a very forced narrative early in the season that the Bills couldn’t win one-score games. All they have done this season is go 5-3 in one-score games including wins over the division-leading Chiefs and Ravens. Buffalo has also won three one-score games during their current four-game winning streak. It was a silly topic to push from the media in the first place, but they have extinguished that fire should anyone believe it was still smoldering.

Would You Believe Me If I Said… the Bills need to fix their tackling?

Buffalo is coming off of its two worst tackling games of the year, per Pro Football Focus (PFF) tackling grades. According to those grades, the Bills had a 36.5 tackling grade in the win against New England and a season-low 30.5 against the Jets. The best part of both those games is that they were wins, but the missed tackles are an issue that needs to be fixed and could be an issue Saturday versus Miami. The Bills’ three worst tacklers in this game were all in the secondary with Dane Jackson, Tre White, and Damar Hamlin all scoring under 30.

Would You Believe Me If I Said… Dawson Knox is an elite run blocker?

The Bills’ tight end is loved by both the eye test when it comes to run blocking as well as the advanced numbers. PFF gives him a run block grade of 69.6 which is the 3rd best among qualified (50% of snaps) tight ends. Knox’s efficiency rating is 98.4 which is 6th overall and only behind guys who have a perfect rating. Dawson would have a perfect 100 if not for one pesky hurry he allowed. The Ole Miss product also has zero penalties in these sets, so he isn’t doing his job at an elite level, but he isn’t giving yards away either. Knox may be having a down year in the pass-catching category, but he is still reaching a high level in other areas of being a tight end.